VanCity Box Review March 2017

VanCity Box is a Canadian lifestyle subscription box that sends their subscribers a box filled with fresh new finds from around Vancouver city.  A craft fair and a farmer’s market in a box!   All items received through Vancity can only be found within Vancouver, British Columbia.  They kindly sent us this box for review.

AYOB has been reviewing this box for quite some time.  It has been a hit or miss box with us over the months.  I think that’s because being a lifestyle box you never really know what you’re going to receive.  As they provide and feature items from around Vancouver you can really receive a variety of things.  If you like knowing exactly what’s in your subscription box this may not be the box for you; however, if you love a good surprise and are easily pleased, look no further!

This month’s VanCity Box is featuring  Le Meadow’s Pantry – Handcrafted Preserves

Le Meadow’s Pantry is a small-batch preserving company based in Vancouver.  All our preserves are made traditionally with the highest quality ingredients.  Our jams and marmalades are cooked in French copper preserving pans, 12 jars or less at one time.  Cooking jams and marmalades in tiny batches is more work for us, but this is how we achieve such delightful and luscious preserves.

Every season Le Meadow’s Pantry presents new flavours inspired from local fruits, botanicals, spirits, and sea salt.  Each flavour reflects the local abundance at this time of year.

There are many ways to enjoy our jams and marmalades.  Because we use unconventional ingredients in some of our preserves, and the flavours are distinctive, it is easy to create delicious pairings for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, desserts and cocktails.

Umm… So this is a hit out of the park for me!  Who doesn’t like jam?!  Also, remember, I’m a very practical person, so receiving food and every day food at that in a subscription box is pretty much like Christmas, my birthday and Valentines Day all wrapped up in one!  I stopped eating toast a long time ago, but I might have to start up again, because toast is really just an edible spoon for jam.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.

These jars are so beautiful I would consider displaying them in my kitchen until I cracked them open.  They are a really great size as well at 250ml.

Banana, Dark Chocolate & Cooa Nibs Jam

Ingredients: Banana, chocolate, pure cane sugar, fresh lemon juice, pure vanilla extract, cocoa nibs 

What the WHAT!  How am I just now finding out that something like this exists?  I discovered, well I didn’t actually discover it, because it was clearly already made and ready for my purchasing, but I stumbled upon chocolate honey a few years back and my world has never been the same since!  I feel like I’m in for another earth-shattering shift when I try this!  I could be in real trouble here people.

Strawberry & Balsamic Jam

Ingredients: Strawberry, pure cane sugar, fresh lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, black pepper

Wow, this sounds unreal.  I almost want to put it on a salad.  Jam goes with salad right?!  Thought so.  I bet this would go amazing with some crackers, red wine and cheese!  Oh man.  Now I need a girls wine night stat!

Blueberry & Honey Jam

Ingredients: Blueberry, honey, fresh lemon juice, star anise, pure vanilla extract, citrus pectin

This sounds like more of your classic jam, but I bet you that it’s so good I’ll be tempted to carry it around in my purse and whip it out a breakfast restaurant.  What?  You can’t bring your own pot of jam to breakfast anymore?  What is this world coming to.

Raspberry & Rose Jam

Ingredients: Raspberry, pure cane sugar, natural rose petal water

Ok, so far this is the most impressive ingredient list I have sen on a jar of jam ever!  I also love that a raspberry jam was included.  My grandma use to make jam every year and her raspberry jam was my favourite.  My friends actually got wind of her jam and soon requested their own pots of it.  Soon I was the most revealed underground jam dealer in my city.

Pear, Maple Syrup & Sage Jam

Ingredients: Pear, maple syrup, pure cane sugar, fresh lemon juice, sage

This sounds so good!  Again, such a unique combination of ingredients as well.  I’m imagining this one with some brie cheese and crackers.  Also, us Canadians really like our maple syrup!

Vancity Box March 2017 – Final Thoughts

This is my first experience with VanCity Box and I’m pretty impressed by it.  I mean, who wouldn’t love jam?  Like I did mention though, this box has been hit or miss with us, so if you’re considering it I would recommend reading a number of our reviews before jumping into it.  As for me, I will probably be scouting out Le Meadow’s Pantry next time I’m in Vancouver!  I cannot wait to try out some of these jams.





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2 comments on “VanCity Box Review March 2017

  1. mi5259 says:

    I would wonder why they put only jams in the box. I mean I don’t like eat jam ever and if I pay $50 to get collection of jams I would be really upset. lol
    Their previous boxes includes varieties of products and I think when I hear a “life style box” that’s what I expect. Not a bunch of jams all from same company.

    1. Lol, I totally agree with you. I prefer the boxes that include variety. Shonah seemed to love the jam box though:)

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