VIBookCrate Review June 2019

VIBookCrate is a monthly/quarterly book subscription box. They have multiple boxes available – all designed to give the reader an amazing reading experience. Box options include  VIBookcrate JR, VIBC Early Readers, VIBC Special Edition Boxes. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I am always happy to discover a new book box and this one just happens to be located in BC, Canada. It’s close to home which makes me very excited to unbox it and see what it is all about. VIBookCrate has been shipping since 2017 but this will be my very first time reviewing it.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a VIBookCrate Subscription you have a few options to choose from.

VIBookCrate Special Edition Box is perfect for ages 19-99! These boxes ship quarterly and are designed to give you that quiet reading time we all crave.

VIBookCrate Early Reader Envelopes are a sweet and simple way to start the love of reading with early readers aged 4-7. Whether they can read-to-self or it becomes a part of your bedtime routine your child will love receiving a new literary adventure each month in the mail!

VIBookCrate JR Box is designed to take 8-12 year olds on an amazing literary adventure! It is perfect for the kid who loves to read about time travel – outer space – magic – survival – kingdoms – undiscovered worlds – hijinks – mysteries – friendships and more!

This month we are reviewing VIBookCrate JR Box. Let’s have a closer look….

Magic Tree

Grow your own magical tree to visit for inspiration.

How fun is this? From the looks of the packaging it appears that this little tree will actually grow. I am so curious about this. Such a fun idea.

Creative Doodle Book

Break your writers block with this doodle book.

I am in love with this doodle book. I would have been so excited about something like this when I was young. Each page has a different prompt to get your creativity flowing. My nephew will love this.

Pinwheel Kit

All you need is a little breeze to get this going.

Such a simple item but a fun one at that. I use to LOVE pinwheels. It’s a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Fruit by the Foot

A typewriter tape inspired treat.

I love that they included a treat. I love to have a snack while I read so I can only assume that my niece or nephew would as well.

Finding Serendipity by Angelica Banks

When Tuesday McGillycuddy and her beloved dog, Baxterr, discover that Tuesday’s mother ― the famous author Serendipity Smith ― has gone missing, they set out on a magical adventure. In their quest to find Serendipity, they discover the mysterious and unpredictable place that stories come from. Here, Tuesday befriends the fearless Vivienne Small, learns to sail an enchanted boat, tangles with an evil pirate, and discovers the truth about her remarkable dog. Along the way, she learns what it means to be a writer and how difficult it can sometimes be to get all the way to The End.

VIBookCrate Review June 2019 – Final Thoughts

What a lovely little subscription for kids and tweens. VIBookCrate was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect so the unboxing exerpeince was quite fun. I think the book choice is great and I love all the extra goodies. My favorite item is definitely the doodle book but I am also pretty excited to give my nephew the tree as I really want to see what happens when it starts to grow….so fun! Overall I am very happy with my first VIBookCrate.





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