VictoryBox Review April 2017

VictoryBox is a men’s fashion subscription service where members receive 3-4 dapper men’s accessories each month for $16/month. Bonus items also included frequently as well. They kindly sent us this box for review.

VictoryBox is a pretty tidy little men’s box.  It’s a great start if you’re just getting into men’s boxes and don’t want to commit to anything too big.

The colours of this tie are amazing!  This would go with so many outfits.  I also love the width of the tie.  I received a tie recently that was quite wide and I wasn’t expecting to be so turned off by that.  Tie width is definitely something to pay attention to in men’s fashion.  This is a great casual tie.  Perfect for jeans and a tidy button up.

I would consider this more of a bonus item for VictoryBox.  Often you can receive toiletry items from them, but I don’t get as excited about them as I would a more permanent item for your wardrobe or closet collection.  This is a perfect size item for a weekend get away for overnighter in the city for business.

So many boxes are starting to provide a pair of summer socks!  Love these.  I’m such a sucker for stripes.  These are also my favourite type of sock to wear… even in the winter.

VictoryBox April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I really like the two clothing items provided in this month’s box.  Both speak of the changing of seasons and that get’s me pretty excited.  I have liked almost every tie I’ve seen us review in VictoryBox, which speaks of great taste and consistency!  The shampoo item feels like a bit of a filler item instead of using that space to provide something really great to put the box over the top.  I feel like if a bracelet or house hold item was provided I would have been much more excited about the box!  I would also love to see VictoryBox provide an index card explaining more about the items and why they picked them and maybe tie them into a theme.  I feel like when I can understand more about why items were chosen I become much more excited about them.





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