VictoryBox Review February 2017

VictoryBox is a men’s fashion subscription service where members receive 3-4 dapper men’s accessories each month for $16/month. Bonus items also included frequently as well. They kindly sent us this box for review. 

VictoryBox was a bit of a surprise. They came out of nowhere and made a name for themselves quickly. I wasn’t aware of this Men’s Subscription Box prior to my first review, they caught me off guard. But I’m happy to report that they have proved themselves to be a consistent box. Not to mention the fact that they are one of the better priced men’s fashion accessory boxes on the market.

Here’s a look at the items in the February box:

Winners Circle Tie

Great pattern, great color, and quality material. I feel like navy is a great choice for the Winter/Spring transition. It’s one step away from black, which I see as more of a Winter color, and one step towards blue which is a great Spring color.

Pocket Square

As much as I love a good moustache pattern, I’m just not loving it on a pocket square. I prefer to keep the funky patterns to the socks. I feel like this might be a little too much for some subscribers.

Tie Clip

Now this is where moustaches are totally acceptable. I prefer a more understated look when it comes to fun details and patterns. A tie clip like this is fun, but not over the top.

VictoryBox Review February 2017

Even though I’m not loving this month’s pocket square, I still love the box itself. I like that they went with a navy color scheme this month, and I love the moustache details. VictoryBox will always be a favourite due to the amazing price point and quality items. I think they have a really great thing going. How can you argue with $16 per month. And even the Canadian option is extremely reasonable. Us Canadians have to add $10 for shipping, but that’s still a really good deal for what we get.

Question: What is your favourite Men’s Subscription Box?



VictoryBox is a Men’s Subscription Box Service where members received 3-4 men’s accessories + lifestyle products right to their door for just $16 a month.

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