White Willow Box Review February 2018

White Willow Box is Canada’s leading lifestyle subscription box for women with a stylish flare shipping across Canada and the US. Every two months you will receive four to five full-sized and sample products valued at over $70. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Do you want to pamper yourself, or send a thoughtful gift to a friend? Then White Willow Box is the box you should be considering. This box has beauty and luxury written all over it. Not to mention passion, care and attention to detail. Every time I open this box I can feel/sense the thought that goes in to every little detail. If I had to choose my favorite subscription box based on appearance alone, this would be it.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the February box…..

1000 Roses Floral Toner by Andalou Naturals

This aromatic rosewater mist with alpine rose stem cells instantly refreshes and revitalizes skin’s delicate pH balance as pomegranate, rich in tannins and polyphenols, uplifts tone and moisture-binding humectants, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, help revive for a flawless looking complexion.

Take note of the main ingredient in this first item as I sense a bit of a romantic theme going on. Toner can be a really great addition to any skincare routine. I go through phases with it. I will use it for a while and then I will get lazy and go back to my simple routine of face wipes, serum and oil. I have received Andalou products in the past and have been quite pleased with them.

Square Gold Lips Dish/Trinket Tray

Bring personality to tabletops while keeping your trinkets organized with this ultra-chic ceramic tray. Featuring a 10k gold kiss. Great for everyone especially lipstick-loving ladies! This lovely dish is perfect to use in your dressing room, as your jewelry tray, on your front entry table, as a catch all on your night stand or your desk, in the kitchen, small serving dish, etc.

Nothing says romance and Valentine’s Day like a big ol’ set of lips. This little tray is gorgeous but I’ve come to expect nothing less from White Willow Box. I’ve said this before but they always manage to pick out the most gorgeous home decor items. I’ve never been disappointed.

Quilted Cross-Body Purse

This quilted pattern design purse could be used cross-body or over the shoulder. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, two front zipper pockets, and front golden metal detail. This faux leather purse can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and a bit of dish soap or detergent.

This next item has got me so dang excited it’s not even funny. A purse?! Really?! This is amazing. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have received a purse in a subscription box. This little gem is not only versatile (who doesn’t need a new black purse) but it also adds value to the box since it is something we rarely receive.

Rose Flower Mask by Kocostar

Embrace the scent and look of a rose with the world’s most romantic mask sheet! Like a sticker, you may remove each petal one by one and apply it all over the body! KOCOSTAR’s Rose Flower Mask Sheet contains 10,000ppm of Western Rose Flower extract, which allows the skin to look lively by providing excellent moisture along with a pore-convergence effect.

And the theme continues……..another rose-themed beauty product. I love that they are embracing this month’s holiday. It’s making my little heart happy. I’m a sucker for holiday-themed boxes. I want all my boxes to have a holiday theme. I am so intrigued by this mask. I haven’t opened it up yet but it says that it contains rose petals that you apply one by one to your body…….I feel like I need to look in to this product a little further.

4-Piece Box of handcrafted Chocolates by Karat Chocolate Boutique

Four handcrafted seasonal Okanagan Valley inspired chocolates. Natural and delectable centres encased in the world’s finest and most delicate couverture chocolate shell. Every box includes four mouthwatering flavours of – Merlot, Cherry, Black Current, Riesling Wine, Chocolate Lava, Creme Caramel.

Lastly we have the most amazing little box of chocolates ever. And when I say amazing, I mean amazing. I was gifted a box of these chocolates about 3 weeks ago. I wasn’t planning on eating them because I’m trying to stay away from sugar at the moment. But the adorable designs sucked me in and a decided to taste just one. Well, one turned in to two, which turned in to three and before I knew it I had eaten the entire box (my gifted box contained 9 chocolates) all while watching an episode of Just Us. I suffered from a sugar hangover the next day but boy was it worth it. These chocolates are probably some of the best tasting chocolates I have ever had. And I’ve had A LOT of chocolate in my day. I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur.

White Willow Box Review February 2018 – Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. The February White Willow Box. I’m almost a little sad that the unboxing process has come to an end because this is one of my favourite boxes to open. It’s one of the few boxes I actually take my time with. Most boxes I go through quickly, but not White Willow Box. I position myself on the floor in the middle of my office, get myself comfortable and open the box slowly. I take in every detail, make an effort not to wreck the packaging, spend time reading the product card, and pay attention to each and every item I pull out of the box. Let’s just say that I want to put as much care and time in to opening the box as they do curating the box. Every lady needs a little White Willow in their life……trust me on that one.


White Willow Box

Canada's leading upscale bi-monthly lifestyle subscription box for women with a stylish flare! Shipping across Canada and US.

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