Woof Pack Review April 2019

Woof Pack is a subscription box for pups based in Canada. Every month, they deliver natural, Canadian-made treats and chews, engaging toys and fun accessories for your pup! Each box is themed and includes two toys (one plush and one rubber), two treats and either a chew or an accessory.

Duke (my 3 year old yellow lab) and I were so excited to try out Woof Pack! I love supporting Canadian businesses and Duke loves snacks and toys, so it was a win-win, haha. He was absolutely elated when I opened this month’s box and he realized it was full of goodies for him!

This is the second box Duke (my 3 year old yellow lab) and I have received. He absolutely loved the first one and I kid you not when I say this: every time I got mail for the next few weeks, he inspected it all thoroughly to make sure it wasn’t another Woof Pack for him, haha. He was so excited when our second box came and he got a bunch of new treats and toys!

Subscription Details

$40/month on a month to month subscription, $36/month on a 6 month subscription, $32/month on a 12 month subscription.

Free shipping across Canada and the US.

You choose your Woof Pack box based on your dog’s size (small/medium/large).

You let them know if your pup has allergies to beef, turkey or chicken so you won’t receive items your dog is allergic to.

Here’s what came in our April Woof Cafe themed Woof Pack box…

Zippy Paws Cupcake

This is such a cute toy but as with all plush toys, I was certain Duke would destroy this in a matter of minutes. It has a squeaker inside it and once he discovered that, he had more fun squeaking it than tearing it apart. Surprisingly, the cupcake lives on… he’s taken the cherry off the top but the rest is still intact!

Barnsdale Farms Sweet Potato Vegetable Chews

These are 100% sweet potato vegetable chews and while Duke has loved other sweet potato treats in the past, he just wasn’t into these. I think it may be the size- they’re cut into skinny little fries. If they were a big ol’ chunk of dried sweet potato, he probably would’ve happily chewed away at them. We gave them to a friends dog and she liked them, though.

Sodapup Nylon Coffee Cup

I really didn’t think Duke would like this toy at all: it’s very hard and loud when it clatters to the floor and is just an odd shape that isn’t something he’d normally like to chew on. At first, I was right- he didn’t know what to do with it and just left it alone. A couple days later, though, he decided it looked like fun and started carrying it around everywhere and chewing on it… so I guess this one is a yes from him!

The Barkery Coffee Bean Cookie

Okay, this was adorable. It’s a cookie that looks like a giant coffee bean! So perfect for this box’s theme. It’s made with very simple, natural ingredients such as oat flour, barley flour and peanut butter. I split this in half and Duke devoured it!

Benny Bully’s Liver Plus Dog Treats

These are natural beef liver and blueberry treats, and Duke LOVED them. He was on antibiotics recently and these ended up being the perfect way to get him to take his medicine without hesitation, haha. I like that they’re easy to break into smaller pieces (which equals more treats, in Duke’s eyes ;)) and I would definitely repurchase these.

Woof Pack Review April 2019 – Final Thoughts

Duke quite obviously loves getting these Woof Pack boxes, and I love that everything included in them is thoughtfully curated for my pup. I love knowing that the treats are all healthy (and delicious, according to Duke), as well as Canadian-made, and the toys are always a fun addition to play time. We’re very much looking forward to future Woof Pack boxes!

Chelsea Olivia – https://www.oliveandivyblog.com




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