Woof Pack Review March 2019

Woof Pack is a Canada-based subscription box for dogs. They deliver natural, Canadian-made treats and chews, engaging toys and fun accessories every month. Each monthly box is based on a unique theme and every box includes two toys (one plush, one rubber), two treats and either a chew or an accessory.

Duke (my 3 year old yellow lab) and I were so excited to try out Woof Pack! I love supporting Canadian businesses and Duke loves snacks and toys, so it was a win-win, haha. He was absolutely elated when I opened this month’s box and he realized it was full of goodies for him!

Subscription Details
  • $40/month on a month to month subscription, $36/month on a 6 month subscription, $32/month on a 12 month subscription
  • Free shipping across Canada and the US
  • You choose your box based on your dog’s size (small/medium/large)
  • You let them know if your pup has allergies to beef, turkey or chicken so you won’t receive items your dog is allergic to

Let’s have a look at what came in the March Woof Pack box…

Zippy Paws Pig Cheeky Chumz

Maybe it’s just my dog, but I don’t think there should be a plush toy in the large dog box. While Duke loved this pig for all of the half an hour it was still alive, it was shredded to bits so quickly. He definitely would have benefited more from an additional treat or another rubber/not as easily destructible toy (and I hate picking up all the fuzz he pulls out from soft toys, haha).

Coockoo Tornado Treat Dispenser

This toy is much better suited for a pup of Duke’s size. You fill the center of this toy with treats and your dog has to roll it around to get it to empty. We feed Duke almost all of his meals in a treat ball (because otherwise he scarfs his food down like a Hungry Hungry Hippo) so he’s mastered toys like this already, but he loves throwing this around and playing with it anyways!

The Boucherie Pulled Pork Bites

These pulled pork flavored grain-free dog treats are what Duke’s dreams are made of, based on how excited he gets when I pull the bag out. Not gonna lie, they smell pretty good, haha. They are made of simple, natural ingredients and have a low calorie content. The pork is a lean protein that provides B vitamins, zinc and phosphorus while apples provide fiber and vitamins A & C.

Northern Biscuit Lamb Berry Biscuits

These lamb berry biscuits are made with whole barley and rolled oats (grown and milled locally) and Duke LOVES them. I thought he’d like the pulled pork bites more, but every time I give him the option of choosing between the two bags of treats (yes, I’m totally this kind of dog mom, haha), he picks these. I will definitely be seeking these out to stock back up on when we run out.

Northern Biscuit Bark! Dental Chew

This natural dental chew is made with brown rice and oats. They’re rugged on the outside to help clean teeth, while the chewy inside helps to fight plaque, tartar and gum disease. We often have to be careful with chews because Duke has a sensitive stomach, but this one is made with easily digestible ingredients and went down a treat (he would’ve swallowed it whole if he could).

Woof Pack Review March 2019 – Final Thoughts

Duke loved all of the treats in his first Woof Pack and had a great time with the toys. Everything was super high quality and I love that the treats are all Canadian-made and full of great ingredients. We can’t wait for our next Woof Pack box!

Chelsea Olivia – https://www.oliveandivyblog.com




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