Write Love Parcel Review July 2017

Write Love Parcel is a monthly subscription of stationery, art, and office products. They source from brands, designers, and artists from all over the world so that each parcel is always full of new and exciting surprises.  What You Get: 4 notecards; 4 postage stamps; 1 5×7-inch art print; 1-3 other stationery, paper, and/or office products; and 1 welcome letter with writing tips and suggestions. They kindly sent us this box for review.

July 2017 – Setting off on Summer Adventures

Summer is here in full swing and we hope that yours is off to a truly fantastic start!  When we think of summer, a few words immediately come to mind: fun, exploration, and sunshine! The gorgeous artwork created by L.A. based artist Jenny Fienberg makes us think of being out on the lake (or on the beach) and soaking in the sun’s rays, and of the big summer sky stretching out before us on road trips (or around us when we’re jetting off somewhere far away).

We are inspired to send you a few items that evoke the same sense of wonder, relaxation, and excitement that come with summer and the anticipation of vacations and time spent connecting with family and friends.  We hope that your summer of 2017 is one of your best yet, so why not jot down some of your thoughts when you find a moment.  Write about what you’re looking forward to, what you’ve been up to, something new you’ve learned about, or something unexpected that happened to you.  Or write about the simple things that make you smile and the people and things you’re grateful for.

This is my second time receiving Write Love Parcel and I already get giddy about receiving this box!  Believe it or not, this is only their second month on the market, but if you ask me, the quality and curation would suggest they’ve been doing this for a very long time!

Four greeting cards are included in every subscription!  What sends this box over the top for me is the inclusion of stamps!  Because of this three out of the four cards I received last month were mailed out within three days.  The only reason the fourth one didn’t go out is because it was a birthday card and I didn’t know of anyone who had a birthday that week…

I just love watercolour art!  This is so simple and beautiful.

Nautical seems to be sticking around as a trend.  Maybe that’s just because it’s summer, but if it were up to me, it would be a year round trend for forever!  I can’t get enough of nautical patterns.

Ah!  Love this.  So simple.  I really like cards that can be displayed for long periods of time.  Cards that match decor over a holiday ya know?

This… All of this… I’m actually tempted to just mail this one to myself.

I just love the inclusion of a graphic in the box!  On the back of this graphic you will find some instructions on how you can share on social media!  The sea sticky notes are adorable!  I’m gunna stick them everywhere!

It’s true, I have a note book addiction.  Look how cute this is?!

Love, love that a gift bag has been included!  I find that’s what I’m usually lacking when it comes to birthdays and holidays.  This bag is just too darn cute!

Write Love Parcel July 2017 – Final Thoughts

I LOVE this box!  It’s everything I crave wrapped up tight!  I’m so old school and love sending out snail mail to my friends.  This box is so inspiring for me and it really wakes up that creative and relational side of me.  Four cards is just enough to satisfy that desire to connect with friends on a personal level without it being overwhelming to think of sending out cards to ones you love.  The stamps make it super easy to do this, there really is no excuse!  Seeing how most of this box gets sent right back out, it’s really nice to have a notebook included as a personal keepsake.  Super happy with this little gem.  Can’t wait to see more of the same.





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