Yogi Surprise Review December 2018

Yogi Surprise is a monthly care package designed to stimulate your senses, clear your mind and cleanse your soul. Whether you’re a wellness enthusiast or the seasoned yoga master, Yogi Surprise is the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. Every month you’ll receive products with a mission to elevate your yoga practice on and off the mat. They kindly sent us this box for review.

December Box Details

The December Yogi Surprise box theme is “Celebrate the Gift of Yoga”

Expand your yoga practice to include family and friends. Celebrate these memorable moments. Om together.

This time of year might be exciting because of the presents and meals and sweets and treats but it’s really all about the gatherings these things bring about. Togetherness is the reason for the season and that’s the theme of this month’s box. The items included will help you get ready for the busy and joyful gatherings by helping you feel calm, cool, collected and full of zen so you can share your peace with those around you.

Here’s a look at what was in this month’s Yogi Surprise box (total value $87):

Yoga Cubes

Gather friends and family to roll the cubes and create fun yoga sequences together. This set of 4 cubes is sure to bring on laughter, fun and good times.

What a fun idea these cubes are?! Not only can they help you add variety to you own practice but perhaps it would be a fun way to share yoga with others you’re close to. Like it mentions above, it could be a fun activity to do together, like a game when you’re all gathered for the holidays. All you do is roll the dice and create a new and unique sequence each time. Since the holidays can be stressful there would be no better way to end your celebrations than by doing a little bit of yoga to calm the senses and prepare for the new year.

Tea Tree and Lemon Balm Lip Care by Badger

Get relief from dry lips with this soothing lip balm. Perfect for outdoor walks with your loved ones. No parabens, GMOs or harsh chemicals.

Chapstick is a must-have around this time of year. It’s wonderful to protect your lips from the cold and dry weather and helps heal lips that have become chapped. Whether that be from the elements or from too many festivities. This product is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients including tea tree oil which is anti-bacterial and antiseptic and lemon balm which is an anti-viral. Both of these ingredients help the healing process for any cracks. It’s also made with extra virgin olive oil and beeswax with help seal in moisture and provide and emollient base. An added touch of peppermint and menthol crystals provide a cooling, soothing sensation to relive and discomfort.

Yerba Mate Green Tea Soap by JOCO Botanicals

This super-emollient , 100% all-natural soap provides a fragrant whole-herb experience. Infused with organic wild-harvested Yerba Mate and Green Tea.

The soap smells so good! It’s citrusy, sunny and warm and is the perfect pick me up for any cold winter morning. It will certainly leave you smelling fresh and ready for any gatherings that come your way. It’s made with yerba mate and green tea which are both high in antioxidants that will help with skin rejuvenation. It’s rich in caffeine which helps stimulate and renew cells. The base is made with rich and hydrating oils such as coconut, olive, kukui nut and jojoba. So skin will be well moisturized and maintain a youthful appearance.

Black Crystals Super Charged Extending Mascara by Pacifica

Create dramatic eyes with this super black extending mascara.

I love a good mascara and this one has high claims of maxing out those lashes and getting you party-ready. It’s made with quartz powder and mica which are said to help add length and dimension and Vitamin B and coconut oil which help nourish and moisturize. It’s formulated without petroleum, parabens, SLS or phthalates. It’s a super dark black color and the brush is a traditional wand that they call a precision brush which is said to help distribute product evenly and help boost lashes further. I’m excited to try this one out!

Cooling Cleansing Active Wipes by Cuccio

Experience the cleansing scent of eucalyptus with these paraben free wipes.

These are handy wipes to have when your on the go, perhaps between holiday activities? Or after a yoga session when you’ve got somewhere to be quickly? They are whole body refresher wipes that can be used anywhere and any time. The key ingredient aside from eucalyptus, which is refreshing for the body and mind, is Mastiha. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties and also helps reduce oiliness which helps give skin a healthy appearance.

Chocolate Energy Bar by R.e.d.d.

Share your love of chocolate with this nutrient rich, gluten-free, and non GMO snack.

I’ve eyed these bars before and have always been curious about how they taste so I look forward to trying this one out. Some of the energy aspect of this product comes from caffeine (39mg of it that is from the added Yerba Mate extract) and I don’t consume caffeine so I’m not sure how much of the bar I’ll actually eat but I’m curious to try it none-the-less. Aside from having caffeine for energy it’s also packed with 10g of protein (from peas and pumpkin seeds), 11 superfoods (including oats, quinoa, dates and chia seeds) and 19 vitamins and minerals to help keep you going when you’ve got places to be. It’s gluten free, soy free, non GMO and made with plant based ingredients, many of which are organic.

Hair Serum with Black Seed Oil by Zatik

This unique hair treatment uses the benefits of essential fatty acids and various precious oils such as cold pressed organic black seed oil.

This hair oil is a pre-cleanse treatment that includes essential fatty acids from hydrating oils that will help hydrate, smooth and soothe your hair and scalp leading to a healthier appearance. To use you just need to apply 3-4 pumps to dry hair and scalp and evenly distribute. Then you just allow it to work it’s magic for at least 30 minutes before shampooing and rinsing. It’s made with all organic ingredients including argan oil which is hydrating and full of repairing antioxidants, and black seed oil which is anti-inflammatory and helps soothe scalp conditions such as flakiness or sensitivity. It’s formulated for those with dry, delicate and fine hair so it shouldn’t weight your locks down at all. It smells light and pleasant, almost a bit wood-like and has a light texture.

Yogi Surprise Review December 2018 – Final Thoughts

The contents of this month’s Yogi Surprise box are great! They’ve included a lot of items to make you feel great before getting together with friends and loved ones during this busy season. I like that there are several items I’ve never heard of or tried before as that always makes it exciting to receive these boxes. I’m especially looking forward to trying the mascara and hair treatment and really look forward to having fun with the yoga cubes. They will provide a fresh take on yoga for heading into the new year.

The Botanic Gal – http://www.botanicgal.com

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