Yogi Surprise Review March 2018

Yogi Surprise is a monthly care package designed to stimulate your senses, clear your mind and cleanse your soul. Whether you’re a wellness enthusiast or the seasoned yoga master, Yogi Surprise is the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. They kindly sent us this box for review.

We got to review Yogi Surprise for the first time last month. We got to have a peek at the January box, which had a really great theme – Crown Chakra. Today we are having a look at the March box and I am extremely excited about it. I already had a peek at the items and this month’s box is much more my speed.

March Theme: Connection

As Mother Nature begins to awaken from her frozen slumber, a renewed sense of connection to life is born within us. The word “yoga” which roughly means “to join” or “to unite”, references the purpose to connect to our true nature through higher levels of awareness so we may ultimately achieve union with the Universe. This March, in preparation of the forthcoming season of rebirth, we want to inspire you to take your spiritual growth above and beyond the limits of your mind, which is why we’re offering you a lovely collection of gifts to help you deepen your understanding of how your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations are all intricately connected.

From balancing your mind and hydrating your body, to challenging your growth and resting deeper into relaxation, these gifts all have a special place in your practice. Wherever you may be in your journey, remember that your practice is uniquely yours to explore, develop, enjoy, and grow from – just as Mother Nature intended.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the March box…..

The Galaska Home Yoga Candle

Before you roll your mat out at home and settle into down dog to start your practice, light this candle on a safe surface in your yoga space to give yourself a bit of a mood boost. Infused with ylang ylang essential oil, inhaling the floral aromas of this candle will help melt stress away and encourage your entire body to relax.

Candles are a great way to set the mood and create a relaxing atmosphere. This is a great item for a yoga-inspired box. I’m making an effort to add yoga back to my weekly routine and this little candle will be a great motivator.

Cuccio Yogahhh! Muscle Fitness Balm

Whether you’re stoking your internal fire with a vigorous flow or slowing things down by challenging your body to hold certain poses for longer, this post-practice restorative balm will do wonders for your sore muscles.

Eeek! This is exactly what I needed in my life! As I venture in to a new fitness routine I find that my body tends to be sore on a regular basis. This fitness balm arrived at the perfect time and will help me get through the transition phase as my muscles adapt to my new routines.

Good Karma Vanilla Flaxmilk

Pump up the flavor and nutrients in your favourite pre- or post-yoga smoothie with the sweet, creamy taste of vanilla flax milk. At only 60 calories and 1,200mg of omega-3s per serving, Good Karma’s flax milk is the perfect vegan alternative to dairy milk.

Another item I am very excited about. I feel like the March Yogi Surprise was curated specifically for me. I’m on the hunt for a milk substitute that isn’t nut-based. Until now I had no idea flax milk existed. I will definitely be giving this a try and then I will be researching where/how to purchase more.

Temple Tape Classic Sweatband

Slip this lightweight sweatband over your head to keep the sweat from running into your eyes during an intense Bikram yoga class or to protect the delicate skin of your third eye from your mat when dropping back into child’s pose.

This is something I love to see in fitness subscription boxes. Headbands are a must when working out. I hate it when my hair falls in my face, it’s a quick way to ruin my workout mood. This one is extremely lightweight and soft. I won’t have to worry about headband headaches with this little number.

Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes

Keep your yoga mat clean and bacteria-free by giving your feet a quick wipe down with these cleansing, peppermint scented foot wipes before your practice. Free of alcohol to prevent dryness and equipped with hydrating natural ingredients like aloe and vitamin E.

I have received these before and they are great! They smell lovely and they are a quick/easy way to clean your feet prior to your practice.

Eye Pillow

Settle down in your favourite yin yoga floor pose or take rest in savasana with this soothing eye pillow designed to put light pressure on the eyeballs so you find it easier to turn your awareness inward. Add a couple of drops of your favourite calming essential oils like lavender or ylang ylang to enhance relaxation.

I’m the worst when it comes to relaxation. I never nap and have a hard time laying still for more than 2 minutes. But, with that being said I really feel like I need to add some relaxation time to my weekly schedule. This pillow just might be the motivation I need.

Yoga International 30-Day Trial & Free Course

We’ve teamed up with renowned online yoga platform Yoga International to encourage you to try something new in your home yoga practice. You’ll learn from the best teachers in classes developed for every type of yogi in every yoga style with one month of free access plus a bonus Yoga Nidra course valued at $149.

Remember how I was just talking about making an effort to add yoga back to my weekly routine? Well, this 30-day free trial is going to be perfect for that! I’m really looking forward to testing out some of their classes.

Yogi Surprise Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

Now this is my kind of Yoga Subscription Box!! Don’t get me wrong, the January Yogi Surprise (the last box we received) was really great, but the March box is so much more my speed. I love each and every product we received. The January box focused more on bath & body products while the March box feels a little more fitness based. We received a little bit of everything – fitness accessory, healthy snack, fitness balm, cleansing wipes, a couple relaxation items and a 30-day yoga class subscription. The value of the March Yogi Surprise is pretty amazing, and the products we received won’t go to waste. I’m very impressed.


Yogi Surprise

A yoga inspired monthly delivery designed to complement your active lifestyle of vitality and growth. It's like a retreat in a box!

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