Your Bijoux Box Review January 2018

Your Bijoux Box is a monthly subscription box containing 3 pieces of jewelry, hand curated by Shana. The jewelry they select is on-trend, versatile and wearable, and you will receive at least $100 worth of jewelry each month. They kindly sent us this box for review.

My Bijoux Box has been a AYOB staple for quite some time and it has always impressed!  Sarah and I have always been real jewelry people; statement necklaces, dangly earrings, bangle bracelets and loud rings!  Your Bijoux Box has been able to check the boxes in all these areas and the quality just keeps on coming.

Let’s take a look at what the January box has to offer…

Bonus Item: Cheers! Jewelry Tray

A festive gold rimmed tray perfect for storing all your favourite trinkets and treasures!

Love this!  I’m an organizational freak and it drives me nuts when I have loose items lying around.  My night stand for starters is so cluttered right now and I could use something like this to tidy it up!  I also don’t like to wear my rings while showering or washing dishes and always leave them on the counter top.  This would be a much safer place to put them while doing those tasks.

Ysabel Earrings and Y Necklace

These face framers will punch up the look for a variety of occasions, from date night to the office.  Try with a dress, slick hair, and dramatic lashes.  Bonus points for a red stained pout!  The necklace is a sculpture take on a now classic Y necklace!  We love it for with a simple shift dress punctuated by dramatic bell sleeves.  Classic colour parings: grey, burgundy, and black.  Glam colour pairings: nude, hot pink, or mustard.

Navy just happens to be one of my favourite colours to wear when dressing up!  This will go perfect with so many of my existing outfits it’s not even funny!  This piece will be beautiful dressed up or down, which makes it the easiest of items to wear.  Being silver with navy you really could wear this summer or winter, which is a real bonus!

Featured Designer: California Jewelry Jules Smith – Retail value up to $175

Her collections draw inspiration from a love of juxtaposing luxe details and architectural lines with organic shapes and unexpected nods to the past.  *Necklace styles will vary

I can’t stop looking at this.  It’s stunning!  Sun dresses are my staple clothing item as soon as the weather is warm enough and I always love to pair them with a statement necklace.  This is beyond perfect!  I can’t believe the value of this box as well.  Now I’m going to be counting down the days to sun dress weather so I can start glamming up my look with this beauty!

Your Bijoux Box January 2018 – Final Thoughts

Love!  Just love.  This box is simple in its content really, just a couple high-valued, well curated items!  Some jewelry subscriptions want to wow you with how much they give you, but I’d rather just receive one or two really nice items.  The bonus item is just that, it’s really a bonus when compared against the other items received.  The earring and necklace set is stunning and I have just the dresses to pair it with!  Now I just need a romantic date night to wear it!  Our main piece by Jules Smith is absolutely stunning!  Being that it is a statement there is no need for earrings with this piece, maybe a couple of bracelets to check it up.  The style of the necklace itself will go perfect with dresses, but I’m also excited to wear it with one of my all time favourite outfits, jeans, heals, and a tank!  Your Bijoux Box, you really got my fashion brain going!

– Shonah




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