ZenPop Beauty Review July 2017

ZenPop is a Japanese one-time purchase box service. Choose from Beauty, Stationery, Noodles, and Candy Box to Treat yourself depending on your mood!  We will be reviewing the Beauty box!

Just look how cute this is!  I’m really starting to fall in love with little beauty boxes and this one is super cute!  Let’s take a look at the ZenPop Beauty Box!

Nagomin Body Wash Mitten

We’ve got you a kawaii buddy for your bath time to be even more fun!  Nagomin is the name of this cutie.  Nagomi means relax in Japanese, and Nagomin will help you to calm down in the bath after your busy day.  It is made from cotton and washes your body gently.

This is the cutest scrubbie I have ever seen!  After a weekend of camping in the woods I could use a good scrub down!

Bathclin Relaxing Neroli Aroma Bath Powder

A king (or queen) of bath powder is Bathclin for sure here in Japan.  They are known for a technology to create the aromatic scent and fizzy bubbles!  Neroli is essential oil produced from a bitter orange tree, and its scent calms you down and makes you feel relaxed.  Also it improves your blood circulation and eases stiff shoulders.  Good for babies (older than 3 months) too!  Paper yourself in a nice bath.

Love products like this!  I’m such a bath person and I never seem to have bubbles on hand.  How is that?!  I also like the one time use packet here, just rip and dump!

Dry Konjac Face Cleaning Puff

Konjac is known as a natural skin cleanser for a long time.  It deeply yet gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin!  You will feel the difference on the next day, your makeup will stay on well!  Either plain, green tea or bamboo charcoal type is randomly packed in a box.  Make sure to keep it in a dry, clean, in a cool place or in a fridge.  After use, don’t forget to put plenty of toner and moisturize your skin. 

I can never have too many of these!  Feels so good to give your face a good scrub down after a long day.

Kuma-non – Under Eye Sheet

It moisturises and refreshes the under eye area (or other places).  A little note here:  This cute bear on the packing is a pun in Japanese:)  Dark circles in Japanese is “kuma (bear)”, so yes – kuma non sheets means no dark circles under eye sheet!

I have never used a product like this, but I’m so curious!!

Madam Juju Face Cream

This is a legend product.  In the 1950’s the original of this face cream was released!  It has been upgraded to meet the demand at present, and now there are variety types of the face cream (the one you get is a modern version).  There is no doubt that this product works for skin beautifully!  This product  is known for a unique use as well.  It is a great multi-face cream even when you are just a little lazy!

Face cream is a daily thing for me.  Does anyone else feel like face cream is like giving your skin a drink of water?!

Muji Moisturizing Milk & Muji Light Toning Water

This is an ultimate natural skincare combo from MUJI, a simple, good quality shop from Japan!  This skincare line is a natural water-based and contains grapefruit seed oil as well as Lipidure, etc.  It hydrates your skin to glow, Since it is water-based, MUJI took speical care in selecting natural water in Japan.

Perfect!  These will come in handy after that face scrub.

Rosette Ocean Clay Cleansing Paste

Ocean clay powder catches dirt all the way deep inside of your pores!  When you wash your face with this it will smooth out your skin evenly.  It is for daily use since it doesn’t have a scrub in.  

I really like the amount of products for your face in this box.  I really feel like I’ll be putting my best face forward after using all of these 😉

ZenPop Beauty Box July 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow!  I’m feeling a little impressed here.  Though there wasn’t a defined theme I really feel like there is a theme along the lines of a relaxing bath.  I like that they provided a cleansing product and then recommended toning and moisturizing afterwards and also provided a toner and moisturizer!  I feel like all these products could be used within the same evening, which is a huge bonus in my opinion.  This whole box could accompany you into the bath and I don’t think one product would go to waste.  I’m so curious to see their other themed boxes now.  I also can’t wait to go relax in a tub!





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