ZenPop Ramen + Sweets MIX Pack Review April 2019

ZenPop Ramen + Sweets MIX Pack is a monthly subscription box filled with tasty ramen noodles and yummy treats sourced directly from Japan. It’s shipped straight to your doorstep with free shipping to most countries. ZenPop recently revamped their subscription plans to include 1, 3, 6, and 12 month plans. I was kindly sent April’s box to review.

Subscription Details

Box Details: ZenPop’s Ramen + Sweets MIX Pack is filled to the brim with a variety of delicious ramen noodles that are easy to make at home, as well as yummy treats! Each box contains 2-3 packages of ramen, plus 6-10 various snacks!

Subscription Plans:

  • One-time Purchase: $25
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $72.75 ($24.25/month)
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $141 ($23.50/month)
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $273 ($22.75/month)
  • Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a closer look at the items I received this month….

Included in every box is a mini flyer with details, descriptions, and instructions for each item. ZenPop also makes note of key ingredients used in the snacks or in the manufacturing facilities, which I think is very considerate to those that have food allergies.

Miso Ramen (Left)

I am a fanatic when it comes to any kind of ramen, but my go-to broth of choice is miso. It is made of a fermented soybean paste, which is very savory, rich, and often times creamy. This instant bowl of miso ramen also comes with several toppings like cabbage, corn and sesame to add to the flavorful miso broth.

Sauce Yakisoba (Right)

Yakisoba, or stir-fry noodles, is one of my favorite Japanese dishes! This instant Yakisoba tray came with a hefty amount of noodles and tons of pork and garlic flavored sauce. It also comes with a packet of nori and dried cabbage, which softens once water is added. To make it my own, I added in an egg and a sprinkled a few pieces of dried crispy onion flakes for some extra texture. It was so delicious and very filling too!

Calbee Tea Latte Chocolate Potato Chips

This limited edition flavor, Tea Latte, was released for a short period of time and is only available until May! I typically love mixing sweet and salty flavors, but this tea latte and potato chip combination was not a good duo in my opinion. The potato chips are drizzled in a tea flavored chocolate sauce that’s sweet, but has an earthy depth to it. Personally, I think the saltiness from the chips throws off the flavor instead of marrying it together.

Koume Gummies (Left)

The Koume Gummies are both sweet and tart from the plum flavor. They come in the shape of plum blossoms and are lightly coated in sugar crystals. Before cherry blossoms (sakura) took over, it was actually plum blossoms that were observed during the spring time!

Hanami Mochan Dango (Right)

In most hanami, or picnics under sakura trees, dango is typically enjoyed as a treat. This Mochan Dango comes with three different flavors and colors including white, pink (strawberry) and green (apple). It is made of rice flour and has a chewy, glutinous texture similar to mochi.

Persimmon Hi Chew (Bottom)

Another limited edition product this month is the Persimmon Hi Chew, which combines one of my favorite fruits with my favorite Japanese candy! If you’re not familiar with persimmons, it’s an orange colored fruit that’s incredibly juicy with a sweet honeyed flavor. This Hi Chew captures it very well!

Puku Puku Tai Yaki – Black

Meito creates some of the best Taiyaki shaped treats and this one comes in a special burnt caramel flavor. The crispy outer shell is black and is filled with an aerated caramel flavored chocolate that truly melts in your mouth. If you’ve had Nestle Aero chocolate, this texture is very similar to it.

Edamame Chips Share Pack

The Edamame Chips Share Pack comes with four miniature packs that are perfect for sharing with friends/family, or for snacking on-the-go. These are crispy and a much healthier alternative to typical potato chips since it contains higher amounts of protein, vitamins, and a lower calorie count. Plus, they’re so addicting!

Lastly, Zenpop included a plushie keychain of their bunny mascot, Luna, as a bonus gift! She’s so cute and soft!

Zenpop Ramen + Sweets MIX Pack – Final Thoughts

I love how ZenPop included several limited edition flavors this time around. Not only are these flavors available for a short amount of time in Japan, they’re also very hard to get access to in America! Luckily, ZenPop makes it easy by delivering these yummy treats directly to our doorstep.

My favorite items this month include the Persimmon Hi Chews, Edamame Chips Share Pack, Sauce Yakisoba, and the Puku Puku Taiyaki.

Mary Vu – http://thepointofvu.blogspot.com




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