ZenPop Stationery Pack Review February 2019

The ZenPop Stationery Pack is a stationery subscription box filled to the brim with kawaii items sourced directly from Japan! Each month you’ll receive 10 items ranging from pens and pencils, paper products, stickers, and many other cute accessories. ZenPop kindly sent the February Box over for review.

Box Details: Receive 10 cute stationery items ranging from paper products like notepads and cards, pens and pencils, washi tape and stickers, and many other accessories! ZenPop curates each box with high quality items and a fun monthly theme. Plus, all the items are sourced straight from Japan!

ZenPop Stationery Pack Subscriptions (*does not automatically renew):

  • One Time Purchase: $29.50
  • 3 Months Prepaid Subscription: $84 ($28 per box)
  • 6 Months Prepaid Subscription: $165 ($27.50 per box)

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a look at February’s ZenPop theme and the items I received this month….

February’s Theme – Hedgehog Garden Pack

The items this month will feature adorable hedgehog designs that’ll definitely make you fall in love with the little critter. There’s way too much cuteness in this box!

Included in every box is a flyer that gives you in-depth details of each featured item and how to use them.

Harry Collection Memo Notepad

These adorable hedgehog characters printed on the cover of this notebook are known as the Harry Collection from Kamio Japan. The cover contains moving glitter and sequins along with a magnetic closure. Inside lives a notepad with two different designs on grid lined paper and regular lined paper. This is my favorite item this month!

Hedgehog Stickers – Harry’s Garden

These adorable hedgehogs stickers are shiny with a clear textured glaze. They come in a variety of metal-toned shades like gold, copper and silver. Not only are these hedgehog stickers some of the cutest stickers ever, they’re also water-resistant! You can use these to decorate nearly anything, from notebooks, photos, to bottles and vases!

Mini Letter Set – Hedgehog of Sloth

I’m confused as to why Zenpop did not include only the Hedgehog version for everyone considering the fact that this is a hedgehog box. That said, I received the Sloth version, which I LOVE and hope that one day Zenpop will do a Sloth-themed box too! I think this letter set is so cute! It comes with 8 sheets of paper, 4 envelopes, and 4 sticker seals. It’s perfect for jotting down a quick note or letter to a friend!

Midnight Sticky Memo (Left)

The Midnight Sticky Memo is a pack of all black sticky notes! These feature a silver metallic hedgehog and starry sky design, which looks stunning against the black background. Plus, the Zebra Sarasa Milky Gel Pens pair perfectly with this!

Garden Time To-Do List (Right)

If you’re someone who’s more productive by writing out a to-do list, then this is for you! This to-do list comes in a notepad format with a cover that transforms it into a mini book. It’s convenient to carry around with you, so you can make sure you’re productive throughout the day. Plus, the notepad features a kawaii hedgehog design that’s sure to make you smile each time you see it!

Hedgehog and Apple Paperclips

This pack of paperclips comes with two designs: an apple and a hedgehog! There are 18 pieces total and it comes in both orange and green colors. These are a great size to organize short stacks of paper or receipts together.

Rolling Eraser

Ah, scented erasers bring back so many memories of childhood. This one is a dual-ended eraser with an eraser block on one end and a rolling eraser on the other. The eraser comes with yet another adorable hedgehog design and a fun bubblegum scent!

Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen – Milky Color (Top)

Funnily enough, my work place actually supplies us with Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens! I had no idea they were Japanese, but I absolutely love them and this one is no different. This particular collection, Milky Color, comes in 4 milky hues. I received the white pen, which is pretty hard to use… Most paper I write on is already white! Besides that disappointment, the gel pen is super smooth and easy to write with. The ink glides out effortlessly!

Artline BLOX Drawing Pen (Middle)

The Artline BLOX Drawing Pen is a fun writing tool with a lego-like pen casing. You can stack these together with other Artline BLOX pens/pencils making them easy to keep track of. I thought the shape of the pen would make it uncomfortable, but these are surprisingly easy to grip. The pen I received is black with a very thin and precise pen tip.

Artline BLOX Mechanical Pencil (Bottom)

Similar to the Artline BLOX Drawing Pen, the Mechanical Pencil features the same lego-like design that you can conveniently stick together. However, this one has a clicker at the top that pushes out the lead. There’s no eraser attached to this pencil though, but luckily Zenpop did include the Rolling Eraser in this box too.

ZenPop Stationery Pack February Review – Final Thoughts

This month’s ZenPop Stationery Pack was by far the cutest! The items were expertly curated to feature nearly all hedgehog themed items and I loved every single one. ZenPop also did a great job including a nice variety of items from various writing utensils, notebooks, notepads, stickers, and many other stationery must-haves. I can only hope that ZenPop will one day create a sloth-themed box!

Though I liked everything in this month’s box, my favorite items are the Harry Collection Memo Notepad, the Sloth Mini Letter Set and the Hedgehog stickers!

Mary Vu – http://thepointofvu.blogspot.com




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