ZenPop Stationery Pack Review May 2019

The ZenPop Stationery Pack is a kawaii stationery subscription featuring items sourced directly from Japan! Each month you’ll receive 10 items ranging from pens and pencils, paper products, stickers, and many other cute accessories. ZenPop kindly sent the May Box over for review.

Box Details: Receive 10 cute stationery items ranging from paper products like notepads and cards, pens and pencils, washi tape and stickers, and many other accessories! ZenPop curates each box with high quality items and a fun monthly theme. Plus, all the items are sourced straight from Japan!

Subscription Plans :

  • Monthly Plan: $30/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $87 ($29/month)
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $168 ($28/month)
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $324 ($27/month)

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a look at May’s ZenPop theme and the items I received this month….

May’s Theme – Spring Joy Pack

Included in every ZenPop box is a flyer that gives you in-depth details of each featured item and how to use them.

mt Washi Tape

This month’s washi tape features a fun and colorful block-patterned design. The design comes in two possible varieties: a warm color palette or a cool toned color palette. I received the cool toned color palette which features breezy blues, greens and yellows.

Washi Tape Cutter

One of my favorite items this month is the Washi Tape Cutter! It features a clip design, which easily attaches onto most washi tape rolls that measure between 10mm to 15mm. It’s easy to use and tears washi tape with a clean edge! To use, just clip onto any washi tape roll, hold it steady, and tear the washi tape against the metal “teeth” for a crisp and clean cut.

Sakura Pattern Ippitsusen Notepad

This notepad features a beautiful sakura, or cherry blossom, design on the cover. I love the way the pink flowers complement the sky blue background – it reminds me of cotton candy tones! Inside the notepad is two different designs of lined paper that’s perfect for writing down notes to give to others.

Floral Envelope Set

The Floral Envelope Set is the perfect item to pair with this month’s Sakura Notepad. There are three possible variations featuring elegant floral designs. I received one with pastel clouds and pink and gold sakura blooms! Each set comes with two envelopes, which can be used to give letters, money, or small gifts.

Flower Flower Stickers

The Flower Flower Sticker pack comes in 3 possible colors: white, yellow or violet. I received yellow which is absolutely beautiful! It gives off very sunny, vibrant, and happy vibes. Each set contains a mixture of flower petal shaped stickers as well as round “frame” stickers. There’s even gold foiled accents on the stickers!

Cats & Flowers Stickers

Prepare yourself for some super kawaii stickers! The Cats & Flowers Sticker sheet comes with many different relaxing cat designs along with several bonsai trees and plum blossoms sprinkled throughout.

Ikemen Sticky Notes

These Ikemen Sticky Notes feature a “cool guy” next to a speech bubble. I’m not really a fan of the cool guy designs, but they’re popular in Japan!

Spring Flowers Mechanical Pencil

I love using mechanical pencils in my daily life, so the Spring Flowers Mechanical Pencil is perfect. There are two possible floral designs featuring camellia flowers or plum blossoms. The vibrant and colorful florals help add a little joy to my day every time I use it! The only downside is that there is no eraser with this pencil.

Cray-Pas Scented Eraser

Luckily, ZenPop included an eraser to go with the Spring Flowers Mechanical Pencil above! The Cray Pas Scented Eraser comes dressed as a “crayon”, but is actually a colorful eraser that comes in 8 possible scents. I received the vivid red eraser, which smells just like strawberries!

Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Real Brush

This brush pen comes in a handful of possible colors, and I received black. The fine brush tip paired with the water-based ink is ideal for any calligraphy or art!

ZenPop Stationery Pack May Review – Final Thoughts

This month’s ZenPop Stationery Pack featured many floral themed goodies and designs, which I adored! I think all the items fit very well into the Spring Joy theme as well. There was a nice variety of items from several writing tools and utensils, cute stickers, beautiful stationary, and even a cool washi tape cutter. My favorite items this month is definitely the Washi Tape Cutter, both the sticker sets and the Cray-Pas Scented Eraser!

Mary Vu – http://thepointofvu.blogspot.com


ZenPop is a subscription pack service based in Osaka that delivers the very best Japanese goods worldwide.

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