ZenPop Sweets Pack Review September 2019

ZenPop Sweets Pack is a monthly subscription box filled with yummy sweets and snacks sourced directly from Japan. It’s shipped straight to your doorstep with free shipping to most countries. Despite the name, the box also contains several savory snacks for a perfect balance. I was kindly sent the September box to review.

Subscription Details

Box Details: ZenPop’s Sweets Pack is filled to the brim with a variety of sweet and savory snacks. Each box contains 15 various treats ranging from candy, cookies, chips, chocolate and more!

Subscription Plans:

  • Monthly Plan: $30
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $87 ($29/month)
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $168 ($28/month)
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $324 ($27/month)

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a closer look at the items I received this month….

September Theme – Matcha Delights Pack

“The exquisite taste of Japanese green tea is so popular you can find it everywhere in Japan, and around the world. You can have a matcha drink at your favorite cafe, or a matcha chocolate or other sweet treats. But now it even makes its way into your potato chips! Enjoy all the Matcha delights along with the other delicious green treats we got you from Japan this month!”

Included in every box is a mini flyer with details, descriptions, and instructions for each item. Zenpop also makes note of key ingredients used in the snacks or in the manufacturing facilities, which I think is very considerate to those that have food allergies.

Matcha Milk Marshmallows

I’m so sad about these – they arrived melted from the hot humid weather! 🙁 These are supposed to be fluffy milk flavored marshmallows with a mild Uji matcha cream center. Luckily, there was still one or two fluffy marshmallows intact for me to enjoy!

Matcha Senbei

Senbei is a Japanese rice cracker, and this one is flavored with sweet matcha! These round crackers are actually more like a thin and crispy wafer cookie with a subtle sweetness. It’s very simple, addicting, and would probably go well with ice cream too!

Shimi Choco Matcha Milk

I have sang the praises of Shimi Choco Corn Puffs high and low for years now. The chocolate flavored one is one of my favorite Japanese snacks ever, so I knew this matcha variety would not disappoint. What makes this special is the way the flavor is infused into the star-shaped corn puffs, leaving each bite packed full of flavor. This variety is soaked in a Uji matcha and white chocoalte mixture making it rich and creamy.

Umaibo – Natto

Natto is fermented soybeans, and I’m both surprised and happy ZenPop included this daring flavor! Apparently most people who are not from Japan can’t stand the smell and taste of Natto. Being the adventurous foodie that I am, I had to try it! It does indeed have a very strong and pungent fermented scent, but the taste reminded me of wasabi. There was a slight heat creeping up on me, but overall, I kinda liked it.

Kinako Bo

Kinako Bo translates literally into ‘toasted soybean stick’. This is a chewy stick coated generously in kinako powder, but overall, it tasted bland to me.

Mochitto Kinako Mochi

This pack comes with two pieces of soft and chewy mochi coated in a nutty kinako (toasted soybean) powder. It was delicious!

BAKE – Uji Matcha

This unique pack of Uji matcha chocolate is meant to be microwaved for several seconds to “bake” it. This gives it a crispier outer shell of chocolate with a rich and gooey center!

Matcha Mochi Choco

Another unique matcha chocolate this month is the Matcha Mochi Choco! The matcha chocolate is lightly dusted with earthy matcha powder and features a hidden mochi center for a sweet and chewy surprise.

Matcha Salt Potato Chips

Koikeya makes some of the best “gourmet” potato chips out there! This unique flavor is matcha salt which gives the chips a subtle earthy flavor. Plus, the chips have a green tint!

Fettuccine Melon Soda

The Fettuccine Melon Soda is a gummy candy in the shape of fettuccine noodles! It features a sweet and sour melon soda flavor with a light sugar crystal coating.

Puchi Nori Shio Chips

This pack of chips features a popular Nori Shio flavor, which is dried seaweed and salt. Each chip was sprinkled with a seaweed seasoning and they were bursting with a very savory and tasty umami flavor. It was one of my favorite snacks this month!


Last month featured the superhero snack Lady Corn, but this month the superhero is Edamamen! He represents these tasty non-fried edamame crackers. They come in hexagonal shapes and have a super crispy crunch.

Mochi Taro

This pack of bite-sized mochi crackers are super simple, but also super crunchy and delicious. There’s even occasional peanuts thrown in the mix.

Take no Ko no Ri

The Take no Ko no Ri comes in a small travel-friendly pouch filled with crunchy cone shaped biscuits coated with a sweet rich chocolate.

7 Stick – Milk Cream

The 7 Stick comes in a rich milk cream flavor that reminds me of a creamy vanilla. These are perfect for sharing with friends!

ZenPop Sweets Pack Review September 2019 – Final Thoughts

I am full on obsessed with anything matcha related whether it’s snacks, chocolate, lattes, drinks, etc. You can imagine my excitement to see that ZenPop dedicated an entire box to this delicious (and healthy) flavor. They curated this box expertly to contain a mixture of matcha flavored candies, chocolates, and even chips! Plus, there was a delicate balance with other savory snacks as well, which is much appreciated. This is probably my favorite box yet!

Mary Vu – http://thepointofvu.blogspot.com




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