Bath & Spa Gift Box March Spoiler

March’s Gift Box helps you get ready for Spring.

The Theme is “Spring Shades Of Yellow & Green” featuring the fragrance of Ginger & White Tea. The Surprise Spa items are Shaving Cream and a Bic three blade razor. The Shaving Cream is a blend containing Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oil with just enough clay for the perfect glide of the razor.

The Regular Gift Box contains: A skin care bar, 2 guest soaps, 2 bath bombs, 2 packages of bath salts, Head to Toe Lotion, shaving cream, razor, 4 candles, a new face cloth, 3 relaxing teas.

The Deluxe Gift Box contains all the items of the regular box plus additional items and a jar candle.

The Gift Box for Mom contains, a skin care bar, two guest soaps, Head to Toe Lotion, a Jar candle, two Lavender Sachets, Body Spray, Cuticle Cream, and Chocolates.

-Bath & Spa Gift Box




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