California Found December Collection Spoilers 1 & 2

The December California Found box is lovingly filled with fantastic self-care, jewelry, gourmet and home goods carefully combined to keep you centered, relaxed and cozy this month. Every December California Found collection includes these two artisan-created aromatherapy items:

Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet by 100 Graces • (retail: $26.00)

About Lava Stone: A grounding stone said to bring strength and endurance. Formed by volcanic rock, lava stone has a strong connection to the earth and a stabilizing energy. These handmade bracelets are created using several different stones that compliment the Lava Stone including pink opal, snakeskin jasper, chrysoprase (pictured) and red coral. Your bracelet may vary from the photograph.

Aroma Body Roll-On in “Balance” by Moss Botanicals • (retail: $27.00)

Lift your spirit with this wonderful synergy of coriander, palmarosa and rose geranium. Regulatory essential oils that support the adrenal cortex, where hormones are secreted. Complimentary to PMS, menopause, anxiety, and depression.

December California Found boxes will include these two items and four more carefully curated, California artisan-made products all for $49 or less.

-California Found




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