California Found Spoiler July 2018

Every July California Found box includes The Lulu from MidiQueen Handbags. (MSRP: $44.00) This zippered clutch is in our homepage box photo and has inspired many a swooning inquiry! We are SO excited to have it featured in our July collection. The easy-going Lulu has a fringed leather wristlet for ease and versatility. With fabric* on one side and leather on the other, you can switch up your look with a flip of the wrist!

*Style pictured is one of many unique prints. Yours may vary!

Box Details: Every month, subscribers receive a new collection of natural spa & beauty products, locally sourced gourmet treats, beautifully crafted home goods & accessories, and infinitely wearable jewelry. Each box tells the story of five to seven California makers through their products and an individual notecard dedicated to each one. Every beautifully packaged delivery reflects the laid back, stylish, uniquely chic attitude that is California.

-California Found

California Found

Expertly curated collection of small-batch and handmade beauty, style, home and gourmet from California's most talented artisans.

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