Deck of Scarlet Spoiler July 2019

Deck of Scarlet is a makeup line and an exclusive makeup subscription, inspired by the daring looks of your favorite YouTubers. Deck of Scarlet offers highly pigmented, super luxurious formulations to create the most covetable looks – conveniently packaged in a sleek palette. Cruelty free. Paraben free. Made in USA.

Here’s a peek at the July Deck of Scarlet……

What You Get: Every month Deck of Scarlet collaborates with a YouTuber vlogger to create a new makeup kit. Each makeup kit (depending on the month) is trendy, season-appropriate and designed to help you achieve multiple looks. As a subscriber, you are billed $29.95 on a monthly basis to receive the featured makeup kit, with access to educational tutorials using all of the products you’ll receive!





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