Degustabox Spoiler July 2017

Degustabox is a subscription food box, jam-packed with brand new, full-sized treats (worth nearly $40) from some of the most exciting brands out there! Try something new today!

Here is a peek at a couple of the July items:

Essential Goodness Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by King Arthur Flour

Essential Goodness baking mixes are made with just the good stuff, like Everyone’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie mix made with premium chocolate chips, real brown sugar, and no artificial anything. It’s the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, just the way you like it- we’ll do the mixing and measuring for you!

Immunity Booster from Karma Wellness Water

Karma Wellness Water is a truly enlightened product, born out of the idea that what goes around comes around. A product based on the simple belief that if you do something positive—for others, or for yourself—you’ll get something positive back in return. Vitamins deteriorate in water, so premixed vitamin drinks can lose their strength over time. But because we chose to keep Karma’s ingredients in a patented KarmaCap until you’re ready to mix them, you’re able to enjoy all their benefits at maximum potency. Karma Wellness Water Immunity Booster contains 1000 mg of vitamin C, zinc & 110 % of seven essential vitamins to keep your immune system fighting strong! Karma is gluten-free, lactose-free, non-GMO & free of preservatives as well as artificial sweeteners and colors. Push for better with KARMA!

Box Details: Whether for sharing with your partner or the whole family, Degustabox promises to put a smile on everyone’s face. Delivered (free of charge) to your door every month, Degustabox boasts an exciting selection of 10 to 15 delicious treats! From some of your favourite brands, many of the treats haven’t even hit the shops yet so you’re sure to try something new. And it’s oh so much cheaper that it is in the shops! 

Thoughts: I love when I learn something new when trying products. I didn’t realize that vitamins deteriorate in water! I love that they keep the vitamins separate from the water in this brilliant bottle! The cookie mix looks pretty delicious too! I am not a huge baker so mixes are very welcome in our home!

Question: What do you think of the July Spoilers?



Degustabox is a subscription food box, jam-packed with brand new, full-sized treats (worth nearly $40) from some of the most exciting brands out there! Try something new today!

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5 comments on “Degustabox Spoiler July 2017

  1. Cheryl Rosen says:

    You say “food box” and “full-sized treats”, but I get many SNACK-sized packages, and not much FOOD to be used in meals. I didn’t sign up for this to eat junk food all the time, but as an opportunity to try out new products from regular companies. Am I missing something in your promotion of this subscription service?

    1. Hi Cheryl, when we reviewed the box we received full-sized treats, healthy snack options and food items. Is that not what you received? Did you contact the company directly?

      1. Cheryl Rosen says:

        My June box included 2 1.7 oz. bags of Ritz oven baked chips (individually sized bags) and a 1.8 oz. bottle of ketchup. It was nearly all snack foods (Ritz chips, Julian’s Recipe lemon flavored Waffle snacks, Entenmann’s mini apple snack pies, Salt of the Earth Bean Crisps, Brooklyn Organics ginger ale, Hodgson Mills apple cinnamon muffin mix, Navitas Naturals snack bar). The only other items included were a bottle of Bibigo’s Go-Chu-Jang BBQ Sauce and a bottle of Briannas salad dressing. Oh, there was my “gift” of “3” caffeine-enhanced breath mints, and a package of Thinster’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins that wasn’t even on the list.

        My postal carrier never delivered my July box yesterday (the 2nd time out of 3 months), and notified FedEx that I either wasn’t available or that my “business” was closed. I was home at the time the postal carrier documented being here. According to FedEx’s tracking page, I am to contact the post office to pick it up or have it redelivered. Had I not looked online, I never would have known it was here, as the carrier never left anything in my mailbox. I will be heading to the post office tomorrow – but not until AFTER the mail delivery arrives – just in case they try once again to bring it here.

        I wish they didn’t use the post office to deliver their packages as this has happened now 2 out of 3 months. If the contents don’t get better, I will terminate it anyway. I checked online to see what is in this package and it looks like a bunch of individually-sized snack foods and a bottle of water (there is a can of tomato sauce and a bottle of olive oil – but that is basically it for REAL food). I figured something was up when the tracking said it was just over 6 pounds.

        This is what I found online from one of the posters ( –

        July 2017 Degustabox Contents:
        Karma Wellness Water – $1.99 MSRP
        Vermot Smoke & Cure single serve meat sticks x2 – $1.99 MSRP each
        Kala Bean Snacks – $3.99 MSRP
        King Arthur Chocolate Chip Cookie mix – $4.99 MSRP
        Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil- $3.99 MSRP
        Mutti Tomato Sauce – $2.29 MSRP
        4 bags of Wise Popcorn x4 – $0.75 MSRP each (2 Cinnabon and 2 Sea Salt)
        Mrs. Thinsters Cookies – $4.69 MSRP
        Waggle Waffle (individual package) – $1.79 MSRP
        RXBAR Coupon for 1 Free- $? MSRP (if you can find it at the store)

        1. Did you contact the company directly? Maybe ask them to cancel your account and ask for a refund?

        2. Cheryl H Rosen says:

          I was waiting to see what I was going to get in July first. I do plan to contact them now to see what they plan to provide starting in August. If they are going to continue with the same type of snacks and individual items that the last couple of months have had, then I will ask them to cancel my subscription. Even if their products total $10-15 more than what you are paying for them, how many of us would head to the grocery store just to buy a basket full of snack food – especially for those of us who live alone.

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