Dog’s Best Trend Spoiler April 2017

Dog’s Best Trend Spoiler April 2017

Dog’s Best Trend offers a monthly dose of a style for your best friend. Each month’s scarf is thoughtful, stylish and exclusive to their subscribers in a limited, small-batch production. Made from quality satin, their machine washable scarves make your pup stand out from the crowd. Of course, a portion of each subscription is donated to a dog rescue or charity every month. Shipping is free and you can cancel anytime.

They have shared the following Spoiler with us:

“”Leaves in Watercolor”” is an original watercolor painting translated to a beautiful satin scarf. This design has bright, spring blues and greens and looks great on any dog.

“”Maroon Crystal Eggs”” is an original work of art presenting an abstract interpretation of crystal eggs in honor of the Easter holiday. The pastel maroons, blues and yellows will surely stand out against any color fur and prep your pup for a visit from the Easter bunny!

Spoiler Details: The April scarves celebrate spring and Easter with exclusive designs from two of their best artists. Customers have the option to be surprised or they can choose their preferred design.

April Fun Fact: Every month, Dog’s Best Trend subscriptions support a local dog rescue or charity group. This April they’re supporting iWag.

After rescuing their first dog in 2010, iWag has grown to house an average of 75 dogs at a time at their full service facility in West Georgia. They provide daily care, medical needs, exercise, socialization and training at their home-based facility, which has large play yards and a lake. For older dogs, they provide hospice and palliative care, including medical care to keep them comfortable until they are ready to pass on. They also work with every dog daily on behavior, training, socialization and exercise based on each dog’s particular needs.

Thoughts: You aren’t just buying an adorable scarf but you are also helping out other dogs. Doesn’t get much better than that does it? I can’t wait to see which one Bentley will be receiving this month!





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