ElleBox Exclusive Spoiler July 2017

ElleBox is a monthly organic pad and tampon delivery service. Each month we deliver your customized choice of pads and tampons, along with tea, chocolate and self-care gifts. In time, for your time, every time.

We have a sneak peek at one of the self-care gifts in July!

Canvas Candle, Sister Sister

Box Details: Your customized choice of 20 pads and tampons, tea, chocolate and the option of two self-care gifts. There are four different boxes to choose from

Thoughts: Every woman out there needs a Time of the Month box!!! This is not a luxury, it is a necessity! This candle looks so fun! Is it bad that the look of a candle matters as much to me as the smell does?

Question: Have you started making your time of the month a little easier with ElleBox?





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