MeUndies Selections June 2017

MeUndies is a monthly subscription box that will help you build the freshest and sharpest underwear drawer over the course of a year. They kindly sent us this bag for review.

Here is a peek at the new patterns MeUndies is featuring in June:

Box Details: Select your style, size and plan (Classic, Bold or Adventurous) and they will pick undies each month that they think you’ll swoon for.

Thoughts: I have to say that the army men are my faves! I love the color and the playfulness of men wearing childhood memories! I always buy my husband fun patterns and look for pink wherever possible. No reason why, I think I just like knowing that he has some fun undies on!

Question: Which pattern do you love?



MeUndies every month! Subscribe to MeUndies and you’ll receive a fresh pair from your favorite plan at the same time every month, and save up to 33%.

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