PostBox Spoiler August 2017

We are so excited about our August PostBox; shhhh! we are sharing a sneak peek and a coupon!

I don’t know about you, but summer fruits are my favorite and peaches are at the top of the list. I think about all the delicious desserts, however, there is nothing like the simplicity of biting into an amazing peach and the juice running down your face and arm.

Why not spread the sweetness of peaches with a handwritten note in the mail?

Box Details: PostBox makes it easy to deliver joy and love right to the mailbox – rather than the inbox. In the hustle of the digital world, the delight of receiving a note written by hand and delivered by mail has the power to uplift, to instill confidence, to empower.

Reach out, stay connect-be extraordinary. Postmark’d Studio makes it easy.

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-Postmark’d Studio

Postmark’d Studio

It’s the little things that make a lasting impression.  With PostBox, it only takes 5 minutes to make a difference. PostBox provides an uncommon way to connect deeply with the […]

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