Postmark’d Studio: It Doesn’t Get Sweeter Than This!

Popsicles and Rainbows!

We are so excited to share a sneak peak of our July ‘I Scream, You Scream’ Postmark’d Studio PostBox artsydoodad!

Everyone loves a popsicle, right? Almost as much as they love being organized. With the Ice Lolly Notes, you can have both. 1000 small, round sticky notes, in 4 different fruity colors, with a pencil popsicle stick. Whether it’s a short memo or a page marker for a recipe in your favorite cookbook, just reach for the lolly and get scribbling. We certainly wouldn’t advise you put them in your mouth, but we could hardly blame you if you did.

Special Announcement! We will be including (2) bonus cards in the July PostBox; (1) greeting card and 1 postcard! YAY!

Find a shady spot, stay cool and enjoy celebrating friendships with sweet handwritten notes this summer!

-Postmark’d Studio




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