Strong Selfie Spoilers Fall 2018

So much more than a quarterly subscription box – Strong Selfie is a movement inspiring all girls to feel like their Strong Selfie. They deliver handpicked items that are purposeful, positive, and powerful.

Here’s a peek at a couple of the items subscribers will find in Fall Strong Selfie boxes….

CA Souls Morse Code Bracelet

The message on this Strong Selfie exclusive CA Souls morse code bracelet is “I’m Enough” but shhhh…don’t tell her…let her get her smart(ie) skills going to decode the message herself.  Not only will the Strong Selfie squad be super stylish with their new morse code bracelet but only they will know the secret message within.  Now that is smart(ie) and stylish and their own secret superpower!

Sub Urban Riot + Erge Shirts & Sweatshirts

Get ready to rock a STRONG style this fall. We teamed up with Sub Urban Riot + Erge and designed exclusive shirts & sweatshirts that pack a strong message. No doubt these will be the perfect reminder to start your school year off STRONG by being true to yourself(ie)! We can’t wait to see our subscribers in these!!

What You Get: Strong Selfie subscribers will receive a box filled with 4-6 favorite seasonal products that they think support strong girls. Their goal with each box is to provide you with a meaningful, inspiring message to help you be your STRONG-est self(ie)! They ship out 4 boxes a year.





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