ZenPop Japan Theme Spoiler December 2019

Experience the best of Japan every month through ZenPop’s themed subscription packs.

ZenPop’s Ramen, Sweets, Ramen + Sweets Mix and Stationery Packs feature the very best Japanese goodies, handpicked by their team in Osaka and shipped worldwide (for free!) Subscriptions available for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

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Brand new ZenPop packs are out now. Treat yourself or your BFF for the holidays!

Stationery – Winter Holiday

Our Winter Holiday pack includes all the items you need to create wonderful handmade gifts for your loved ones, from the perfect package for home-baked cookies to a special washi letter set for a handwritten note. Get in the festive spirit with these 10 Christmas goodies, which include beautiful scenes from a Japanese fairytale and kawaii characters, like Santa and Pikachu! We’ve also included some limited edition and uniquely Japanese items that we’re certain will fill you with joy these holidays!

10 fun and festive stationery items included.

Ramen – Winter Warmers

As the days get cooler, we start imagining those cozy nights ahead with a hot bowl of soup on our lap! This month, we’ve rounded up the best winter warmers, to get you through the colder months. Start that fire in your belly, with a spicy miso from Sendai and a hot and sharp Mapo Men from Japan’s largest Chinatown in Yokohama. It’s the time of year for indulgence, so no one’s judging you if you reach for that second bowl! With 7 different bowls of delicious noodles to try, we know we will.

7 full-size bowls of wintry and warm instant noodles included.

Sweets – Chocolate Cafe

Coffee chocolate bar, strawberry choco puffs, matcha cocoa cookies, plus lots more! You got it, this month is a special chocolate pack! Enjoy newly released flavors, crispy and crunchy munchies, as well as savory bites to balance the sweetness. On November 11th it’s Pocky & Pretz Day, a popular day in Japan to enjoy these much-loved snacks! So we’ve included both of these much-loved snacks for you! What flavors will you get? Try our Chocolate Café Pack to find out!

15 kinds of sweet and savory snacks included.

Ramen + Sweets Mix – Holiday Feast

We’re celebrating the flavors of the holiday season, like chicken, potatoes and sweet apple! Plus we’ve included some unique tastes from Japan, like popular and delicious strawberry shortcake! It’s the time of year to get together with family and loved ones. This fun, delicious and unique Mix Pack is sure to bring you lots of joy and happy memories with snacks made for enjoying and sharing with friends!

2 bowls of festive ramen and 7 holiday-themed snacks and sweets included.





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