Beneathe Underwear Club Coupon Code September 2019

Beneathe Underwear Club is a recurring subscription box for women where monthly, you will get ever changing styles of underwear delivered straight to your door!

Coupon Code: Use code DONATE at checkout and we will donate a pair to a woman in need on your behalf. – CLICK HERE

Thank you all for the continued support!

This month, we want to directly impact the members of our local community by donating to the Women’s Resource Center (WRC), a non-profit organization founded in North San Diego County by 5 local women in 1974. The demand for a “rape crisis” center in the early 1970s was apparent, as domestic violence was unrecognized as a societal problem and victims had no means of support from the public to navigate and overcome the abuse. WRC shared their first facility with the Chicano Federation and eventually grew to partner with local police, which allowed them to create and provide a safe space for domestic violence and child abuse victims.

The need for services didn’t end there. Per their website ( “WRC is dedicated to providing the highest quality supportive services, counseling, shelter and education in North San Diego County” and they do not disappoint. A list of their services and support include but are not limited to:

A shelter with 31 beds available to victims
Transitional Housing
24 Hour Crisis Hotline
Victim Advocacy
Legal Service Referral
Temporary Transportation
Information and Referral
Community Outreach, Education and Prevention

WRC provides community members with the opportunity to support their cause through volunteering and/or donation. Please visit their website to learn more about WRC, the services they offer, and how you can get involved.

We selected WRC to honor the women that utilized their strength and resilience to found an advocacy organization in the face of a culture that didn’t validate their experiences and worth in the world. We admire the perseverance of every individual involved after, from volunteer to victim, who reminded the world that those affected by sexual assault and domestic violence are worthy of love and support. WRC’s passion for helping others inspires us to continue to grow in our understanding of marginalized experiences and how we can offer support. By donating to WRC, we hope to help women feel empowered to reclaim their bodies, self-esteem and self-worth.

Thank you for helping us support them.

That’s why we are launching the Give a Pair, Get a Pair campaign. For every new subscription, we will donate a pair of underwear to a charitable organization that helps women in need. We feel driven to ensure that our product is made for and available to all bodies and truly believe that body positivity is also body inclusivity. This means that our charity selections will be diverse and inclusive in their support for people of all races, sizes, abilities, socio-economic statuses, etc. Don’t worry, we’ll offer transparency in the reasoning behind our selections and how it relates to our mission each month in the blog. Check it out to learn more about how you’re giving back!

Will you join us in creating this community? Give a pair, and you might just get so much more than a pair.

-Beneathe Underwear Club

Beneathe Underwear Club

Beneathe Underwear Club is a recurring subscription box for women where monthly, you will get ever changing styles of underwear delivered straight to your door!

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