Amoda Tea Review March 2018

Amoda Tea is the easiest way to discover new teas you’ll love. Receive a monthly delivery of 4 tea samples delivered right to your door. Explore the industry’s best tasting teas and the talented, small-batch brands that produce them. Every month you’ll receive 4 different tea samples, steeping instructions, tasting notes, biodegradable tea filters and exclusive membership perks.

It’s amazing how happy a little box of tea can make a girl. Over the last 6 months I have fully embraced my love for loose leaf tea. I got myself a super cute diffusing mug, a big ol’ diffusing thermos, and stocked up on all my favourite blends. I make at least 2 cups of tea each day and also use it as a way to unwind in the evening. Therefore, Amoda Tea has become one of my favorite subscriptions to receive.

Subscription Details

Choose from the following two options:

Original Monthly Tea Box

  • Great for: All Tea lovers
  • The teas: A delicious variety of all-natural flavoured teas and unique pure teas. You’ll receive a new surprise selection of premium teas each month with a variety of caffeine levels.
  • What else is inside?
    • A collectible tea postcard
    • 4 premium teas (3-5 cups of each)
    • Biodegradable tea filters
    • Tasting notes for each tea
    • Exclusive deals for subscribers
    • Steeping guidelines on the labels
    • 25% off in the online shop

Low Caff Box

  • Great for: Light sleepers
  • The teas: A delicious variety of all-natural flavoured & unique pure teas. You’ll receive caffeine-free & low caffeine teas – a surprise mix of new teas and our most popular from the Original Box.
  • What else is inside?
    • A collectible tea postcard
    • 4 premium teas (3-5 cups of each)
    • Biodegradable tea filters
    • Tasting notes for each tea
    • Exclusive deals for subscribers
    • Steeping guidelines on the labels
    • 25% off in the online shop
March Details

Despite the fact that the groundhog didn’t see its shadow, we’re still transitioning our teas into Spring. This means less of the warming spices that are good for us over the winter months and more of the bright, fresh flavours that match the warmer breezes, fresh flowers and spring rains many of us see as the seasons change. We’re looking forward to sharing new seasonal teas with you.

Here’s a closer look at the tea we received in the March box…..

Rose City Dark

A simple blend, but a combination that is surprisingly uncommon! A bright and lively black tea with peppermint and rose petals. The sweetness, mint and florals seem to melt right into the black tea.

Normally I reach for spicy teas, but I also love a good mint tea. The description for this one makes it sound absolutely wonderful. I have a feeling I might like this one.

Blue Moon

Sweet blueberries, tart & spicy currants and the floral aromatics of lavender and rose petals make this rooibos blend soothing and delicious. Did you know that rooibos is also high in antioxidants and caffeine free?

Rooibos is my favourite! I would be happy if every box included one or two rooibos blends. Rose petals make an appearance again (just like the previous blend) and I’m not sure floral blends will be able to outshine my warm/spicy blends, but I’m certainly willing to give it a try.

Raspberry Earl Grey

Everything you love about earl grey and its bergamot citrus notes plus the gentle sweetness of raspberry and a touch of creamy vanilla. This is great as a hot tea or a refreshing iced tea.

I have always been a fan of earl grey, but I don’t drink it often enough. I’m also a fan of any tea blend including vanilla. I’m a few weeks away from transitioning to iced teas, but this blend is tempting me to transition sooner than later.


Geisha is one of our new favourite green teas! It has the perfect amount of pear to complement the robust flavour of sencha green tea with its fresh vegetal and grassy notes and natural sweetness.

Until recently I wasn’t a huge green tea fan. I’ve always wanted to be, but had never taken the time to test out different blends and find one that suited my preferences. So……I have been setting aside all my green tea and am going to do some taste testing over the next month with the hopes to learn more about all the different options out there.

Amoda Tea Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

It really is quite amazing how happy and content a box of loose leaf tea can make me. Is that a thing? Can a subscription box evoke a feeling of contentment? Because that’s exactly what the March Amoda Tea is doing. I love the simplicity and I love the consistency. I’ve said this before, but large subscription boxes can sometimes overwhelm me. I often prefer a simple box which includes a few really great items than a box packed full of random items. Amoda Tea is a little slice of heaven in my fast-paced world. I would be lost without it.


Amoda Tea

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