Art Box Surprise Review September 2017

With Art Box Surprise you get original art by independent artists delivered straight to your home! Keep it for yourself or spread some art love by gifting it to someone special (hello rad gift stash)! Packages starting at only $15! Simply choose the package that works best for you and you’re on your way to one sweet art collection!

They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have to say I was pretty excited to receive this box!  I was really impressed with the decoration of the box, though simple, it was really artsy!  I can be a bit of an art geek and would much prefer drinking coffee out of a hand-made pottery mug than a store-bought one.  In light of this, I could not wait to see what was inside!  I have to admit, though shyly, I was a little surprised.  The box itself was quite large, which made me think there would be many items or a large item inside, but in truth there were only two small items.  Regardless of size though, lets take a look and see what’s in this month’s Art Box Surprise.

Note: Art Box Surprise has four different subscription options to choose from. Today we are reviewing the Mini Box.

Kiss Me Sculpture Art by F. Andrew Taylor

Andrew is a freelance artist, writer, and journalist based out of Las Vegas, NV.

This item is considered the main art piece of this month’s box.  The base of it is painted wood and the “Kiss Me” sculpture appears to be made out of clay or a molding putty.  The piece itself is about three inches in size and there is a hole in the back allowing you to hang if you like!

Bonus Items: Greeting Card by Jan Harris Ardunini of Jan.A.2.Z.Art

Creating art provides me with an inner peace and sense of fulfillment.  My style leans slightly towards realism, with subjects ranging from portraits to plants.

This card is quite pretty and I love giving out cards!  This is the type of thing I would purchase on a holiday and save up for a special occasion.

Art Box Surprise Mini Box September 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am a huge fan of art and love to see people doing what they love.  I would really like to see a few more months of Art Box Surprise so I can get a really good feel for it.  I’ve looked up a couple of their previous months and really liked some of the small paintings that have been provided.  I can’t say I fell in love at first sight with this month’s box, but I do love the idea and mantra of this subscription!  I think if the items we received had been wrapped up nicely inside a smaller box the presentation would have been amazing. I would really like to see more from them!





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