Bowzer Box Review January 2017

Bowzer Box is the #1 Canadian Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs delivered to your door each month.  Proudly Canadian.  Bowzer Box provides a monthly subscription service to customers and will use various local and some international pet supplies companies to create our boxes. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Ok, I’m going to let you in on a funny story… I live in an apartment and when I review boxes I cart out a small shooting setting for the photos, as I don’t have enough space to have this permanently set up.  Bentley, my dachshund, knows that when the photo shoot stuff comes out treats usually appear, thanks to Bowzer Box!  Unfortunately, for the poor little guy, my last photo shoot did not contain any treats for him, but that didn’t stop him from sticking around just to find out.  Today, when I carted out my backdrops etc, Bentley came running!  He sniffed every box until he found Bowzer’s and then proceeded to pace the coffee table (where it was located) whining.  I hope you’re as excited as Bentley for this month’s Bowzer Box!  Let’s get started.

Bowzer is one of my favourite boxes to review!  Mainly because I love spoiling my dog with new and exciting things each month, but also because I know I will always receive quality items.

This month’s theme is Snow Day!  Bowzer Box has provided protein filled treats for your pups stamina while out in those snow drifts.  They have also kindly thought of a product to help with those chapped paws.  Yup, it’s snowing here too Bowzer and we sure could use some of these items right about now.

Dog Bites
These single ingredient treats are sure to be a hit.  Meat sourced in Canada or the U.S. and made in New Brunswick, Dog Bites are great for training or just as a healthy snack or when your best friend deserves one.

Excellent!  These are my favourite type of treat to get for Bentley.  Just plain old meat!  Bentley may or may not be trying to fish these out of a puzzle toy right now.  He also spent most of the time I was photographing these photos whining for them.

Look Who’s Happy
Look Who’s Happy treats are carefully crafted from the purest, most nourishing ingredients.  The ingredients list on our packages read like a “who’s who” of what’s healthy for pets.

If you’re curious, the ingredients are: Chicken, blueberries, blueberry pomace, cane molasses, sea salt, citric acid, mixed tocopherols (source of Vitamin E).  Looks good to me!  These are a softer treat too, so if your pup needs something easier to chew this is your ticket.

Petmate JW Pet
Every JW product is packed with intelligent ideas.  JW looks beyond the ball to realize each item’s ultimate potential.  Focused on innovation and driven by a passion for pets, JW creates pet products that improve the lives of pets and pet parents.  The insights that go into JW products have been honed over years of market research and hands-on product development.  As for the passion, well, that can only come from the heart.

This is an excellent toy, though I have purchased this item in a ball form for Bentley in the past and he had it in pieces within two days.  Your dog might not be quite the chewer mine is!  These kinds of toys are great for stuffing with old fabric pieces and then your pup can spend hours pulling all the pieces out!  It can simulate the feeling of de-stuffing a toy, but this toy is re-stuff-able, making it endless fun!

Protect your dog’s paws naturally with FFD PET’s Fou-Stick Protect*.  Natural ingredients including coconut oil and beeswax form a protective paw barrier against harsh winter conditions (snow, salt and sand) and summer’s unforgiving hot pavement.

Ok, you’ve got 100% of my attention with this product!  Bentley has hardly been out this winter, as the salt on the side walks bother him so much that he often has to hop with one paw in the air or he just stops walking all together and sadly stands there lifting each paw off the ground.  Terrible.  I cannot wait to try this to see how it works!

Fruitables Bioactive Fresh Mouth
Fruitables Bioactive Fresh Mouth Dental Chews Dog Treats let you brush up on your pup’s dental health the easy way, with no harsh brushing or stress.  This functional treat includes decaffeinated green tea and parsley to fight bad breath, organic Icelandic kelp for phytonutrients and calcium to keep teeth strong

I love these types of treats, as most dog owners know that brushing your dog’s teeth is often their most hated task.  Bioactive is a life saver!  And no, it didn’t last very long!  Haha!

Bowzer Box January 2017 – Final Thoughts

I don’t think I will ever be disappointed by a Bowzer Box!  This month’s box was great.  I did notice the last few months they have not been providing the poop bags.  I would love to see these re-added.  The treats this month were top-notch and I was happy to see the toy as a functional one.  We always look forward to the arrival of this box!

Photo set ups don’t last long around a sniffing hound…

-Shonah & Bentley

Bowzer Box

Bowzer Box provides a monthly subscription service to customers and will use various local and some international pet supplies companies to create our boxes.

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