Bowzer Box Review July 2017

Bowzer Box is the #1 Canadian Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs delivered to your door each month. Proudly Canadian. They aim to take the guess work out of buying products for your dogs and make “shopping” more convenient for busy pet owners. Each month your pup will receive a handpicked selection of high quality dog products – everything from toys and gourmet treats, bones & more! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Bowzer Box is an AYOB favourite. Both Shonah and I absolutely love this box, and have from the beginning. Shonah has reviewed it for the past few months but today I will be unboxing it because we have two new family members – Fritz & Jock. I was super excited to see what our two new chocolate lab puppies thought of their very first Bowzer Box. Let’s have a closer look…..

July Theme

Happy 150th Canada! Here at Bowzer Box we’re celebrating a brand that we believe is all things Canadian – Northern Biscuit! It all started for Northern Biscuit in 1992 with a bag of Canadian flour, fresh beef liver, and a very picky dog named Tasha. From one flavour sold at St. Jacobs farmer’s market to today, one thing remains unchanged: a fanatical obsession in sourcing Fresh, Local ingredients from Canadian food growers.

Treat pup to some of our Northern favourites with some Beer, Bacon and a sweet treat of Pumpkin Pie…..a true Northern snack!

Northern Biscuit Pumpkin Pie BARK

Excellent for sensitive stomachs and overall digestive health. Featuring a delicious pumpkin recipe blended with easily digestible ingredients. While high in protein and low in fat, it acts as a healthy alternative to jerky and rawhide.

Pumpkin is an amazing ingredient when it comes to dog food. When we first got Fritz & Jock we purchased the wrong food which resulted in upset tummies. We switched up the food and started adding a spoonful of pumpkin puree to their bowls and all is fine. I love that this treat is made with pumpkin……they will be fighting over this one……Fritz got to it first but Jock was quick to follow.

Northern Biscuit Canadian Bacon with Blueberries

Who doesn’t like bacon and maple syrups? This truly Canadian recipe includes fresh, food-grade pork from Ontario and Quebec. Mixed in North American whole blueberries and pure Canadian maple syrup.

Northern Biscuit Craft Beer Snacks

This recipe features Spent Grain leftover during the brewing process from a local Ontario Craft Brewery and blended with Peanut Butter. Spent Grain is high in fibre to help with digestion and also rich in essential amino acids. Slowly baked with whole barley and rolled oats grown and milled locally.

My Dad already has the puppies on a training schedule. They come when he calls, they don’t run away when in the yard by themselves, they sit when asked, they go in their crate when it is bedtime, and he has been training them with treats so both these bags will come in handy.


PetSport is a company dedicated to providing the very latest in pet toys that encourage exercise and stimulate the bodies and minds of pets and the people that love them. Squeaker honks like a Goose. Unstuffed Plush leaves no mess to clean up. Crinkle material inside will drive your dog wild. Made with soft yet durable corduroy fabric. Baby toy safe.

Jock grabbed this out of the box right away and took off with it. He hasn’t let it out of his sight since.

FouFou Brands Spiker Treat Ball

This treat ball is guaranteed to keep dogs engaged and entertained. Designed so the treats don’t fall out too easily, your dog will love rolling, chewing and swatting around this challenging and interactive toy.

Shonah raves about treat balls, and puzzle toys. She uses them to keep her pup Bentley occupied. I tested it out with Fritz and Jock and it worked perfectly. I put a treat in the middle of the ball and it kept them entertained for hours. They fought over the ball and had a few games of tug-o-war, but that was half the fun.

Bowzer Box Review July 2017 – Final Thoughts

I have a whole new appreciation for Bowzer Box now that I have seen first-hand how well it goes over with dogs. Fritz & Jock went crazy over this box. I put it on the ground and let them go at it. Jock immediately grabbed the PetSport Goose and took off with it. Fritz took a little more time to snoop through the box, chewed on the BARK treat for a while and then tried to get in to the Northern Biscuit snacks. After the excitement settled down they turned their attention to the treat ball and fought over it for quite a while. It was hilarious to see them pack the ball around in their mouths as they are still puppies and the ball is probably meant for a grown dog. We had a TON of fun with the July Bowzer Box. Now for the problem……..Shonah and I are going to be fighting over this box going forward. We might have to take turns reviewing it.


Bowzer Box

Bowzer Box is the #1 Canadian Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs delivered to your door each month. Proudly Canadian.

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