Breo Box Review Fall 2017

Breo Box is a seasonal subscription service for both men & women, delivering high-end and boutique brand name products.  Every 3 months, you’ll receive a custom made hand-packed wooden box with items that revolve around everyday essentials, fitness/health, and tech, curated to fit the season. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Breo Box has become a favourite when it comes to high-end lifestyle boxes. I discovered this box almost a year ago. They shipped their first box in December of last year and I have been following them ever since. They made a splash with their first box due to the high-end items, quality brands and amazing value. If the price point fits your budget I highly recommend giving this subscription a try.

The Fall box has a value of $352! Here’s a closer look at the items we received…..

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) $49

Interact with Alexa anywhere in your home with the Amazon Echo Dot voice-controlled device. The compact size is a perfect fit in any room, and the built-in speaker lets you set an alarm or stream music. The Amazon Echo Dot voice-controlled device plugs into your home stereo speakers or connects wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Ummmm…….this is amazing!!! I LOVE that they included such a fun item in the box this season. I can’t wait to test out the Echo Dot. I have a feeling I am going to become addicted to this thing. We have speakers throughout the house and I’m really excited to see if I can hook the Echo up to that system and command Alexa to play Christmas music for me.

Chef’s Circle Food Scale ($50)

Take the hassle out of baking, cooking by ratio, portion-control and calorie-counting. The Chef’s Circle Digital Kitchen Scale is easy-to-use and perfect for everyone from the professional chef to the casual cook or the diet-conscious individual. Digital display provides accurate measurements in grams, pounds, ounces or kilograms. Convenient Tare feature eliminates the weight of a plate or bowl for more accurate measurements and easy clean-up. Auto-shut off function helps to preserve battery life. Maximum weight capacity 15 lbs.

I have always wanted a food scale but never taken the time to search for the right one. Breo Box really does come up with the most unique items for their seasonal box. I’ve never received something like this in a subscription box before. It will be a nice addition to the kitchen.

MyLifeMyShop Tea Infuser Flask ($50)

Everyone knows drinking water is good for you, but it can be boring. The My Life My Shop Refresh Flavor Infusing Flask is an easy way to make drinking your 8 glasses a day a lot more interesting, especially if you’re on the go. Double walled vacuum insulation keeps your drink cold (or hot) for up to 10 hours, and high quality, food grade stainless steel ensures that there’s no metallic aftertaste. But what makes the My Life My Shop Refresh Flavor Infusing Flask so special is the removable infuser basket. Made of durable, 100% BPA free Tritan plastic, you can load up the infuser with your favorite fruits and/or herbs – strawberries, cucumbers, grapefruit, melon, mint or basil, etc. – to curb cravings and stay hydrated by way of delicious enhanced water that’s free of calories and artificial sweeteners.

Wow, another product I will get a lot of use out of. I drink tea every day during the Fall and Winter months and I really like to be able to take it with me in the car. This tea infuser flask is going to be my new travel companion.

Rustico Leather Travel Bundle ($63)

Protect your e-gear in a roll-up case built for travel. Unrolled, you’ll have three cord slots and a pouch for power adaptors and thumb drives. Rolled up, you’ll have a precision-sewn, wrap tie bundle that fits comfortably inside any bag, and especially well inside any of our satchels or totes.

I’m not as excited about this item, but that’s strictly a personal preference. I just don’t really have use for this case or the notebooks. But, with that being said, I might change my tune next time I go away for the weekend. I take my laptop, phone, and iPad with me everywhere so this just might come in handy.

D&L & Co Cobalt Woods Luxe Candle ($40)

80 hours of illumination. Radiant greens and brilliant wild herbs combine with sparkling marine aldehydes, warm florals, amber woods and enduring touches of cool white musk.

D&L is my favourite brand when it comes to luxury candles. I have been lucky enough to receive a few of their candles over the last year and they ALWAYS end up being my favourite. They are more expensive than other candles, but totally worth it. This one has a bit of a masculine scent to it, but that’s totally fine with me. It just means the BF will enjoy it as much as I do.

Pebble Verto Power Bank ($70)

The Pebble powerbank comes with 4 connecting tips to charge most popular mobile devices as well as a carry pouch and charging cable.

The powerful Veho Pebble portable battery charger is the must have accessory to keep all your mobile devices full of charge. It packs a 3700mAh which is over 2 times the regular battery of the Apple iPhone or Smartphone which means it will keep your devices on the go and you won’t have to worry about running low on juice.

This is another item I will appreciate when it comes time to travel. I don’t see myself using it on a regular basis, but I’m sure I will be very happy to have it on our next road trip or getaway.

TeslaX Arc Candle Lighter ($30)

This is our long multipurpose style lighter.  This style is great for lighting candles around the house or for starting up the grill.  With its eco-friendly and windproof design, this will be the last lighter you will need!

This is awesome!!! I burn candles on a regular basis and am always running out of matches. I was actually just about to go out and purchase more but now I don’t have to. The best thing about the TeslaX is that you charge it through the USB interface by connecting it to your computer. This is genius!! I will never have to worry about running out of matches again.

Breo Box Review Fall 2017 – Final Thoughts

How can you not love Breo Box!? The Fall 2017 box has a value $352 and is packed full of awesome products. I love that the items they include are great for men and women. They are high-end products that are fun to use and make your life easier. They also throw in lifestyle products, like the candle, which round out the box nicely. I always look forward to receiving this box because I know there will be something super cool inside. Excuse my lack of vocabulary, but “super cool” really is the best way to describe it. The fact that my brother and my best friend Brent get excited about this box says it all. They don’t get excited about any of my subscription boxes……except this one. This would make a great gift for the “hard to shop for” person on your Christmas list. I’m really excited to see what they come up with for the next box. They always surprise me, and that’s not easy to do.


Breo Box

Breo Box is a curated experience of the coolest stuff you never knew you needed. Tech gadgets, home goods, fitness and more, all products to enhance your lifestyle.

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