Chococurb Review May 2017

Chococurb is a monthly chocolate discovery experience. They help people discover extraordinary chocolate with their monthly subscription boxes and through their shop, where you can purchase incredible products. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Chococurb has two different subscription options to choose from:

  • Chococurb Mini – Get a personalized assortment of 3 gourmet, premium chocolate items each month.
    Starting at just $20/month.
  • Chococurb Classic – Get a personalized assortment of 5-7 gourmet, premium chocolate items each month. Starting at just $35/month.

I honestly can’t think of something better than chocolate to subscribe to.  Most people find their pocket-money dwindles at coffee shops for latte’s and the latest frappuccino.  Not me, my pocket-money will always disappear on chocolate.  I am a bit of a chocolate snob and will not purchase your standard chocolate.  I always look for the chocolate that has the purest ingredients, least ingredients and usually won’t purchase it if it has anything other than cane sugar for sweetness.

Wm Chocolate Honduras Wampusirpi, 2016 Harvest

This bar is 100% the type of chocolate I would purchase!  The ingredients are a basic, cocoa beans, whole cane sugar, cocoa butter, Hawaiian red sea salt.  Perfection!  Where can I get more of this?  Can I order a case load?  I know it seems extreme to spend $6 on a chocolate bar, but that is literally what I will spend to get premium ingredients like this.  I’m not sure what this bar retails for, but when you consider Chococurb’s subscription price points, this box is already showing a great value for me!

Love the detail on the back of this bar!  The tasting notes are so detailed and I really love the flavour profile provided!!!

Fran’s Smoked Salt Caramels

Fran’s chocolate also check out ingredient wise for me!  This is actually a smaller bar, only about 2″ by 1″, but it looks fairly rich and I can’t imagine you would want a whole lot of it.  I would probably pair this with a coffee to cut a bit of the sweetness.  I imagine it would go really well with a bitter espresso or Americano!  I would also consider eating it with a bold, smoked merlot!

Mayana Chocolate Cloud Nine

This doesn’t check out ingredient wise for me, as it contains sugar and heavy cream and corn syrup.  I would consider this more of a once in a while treat.  Still looks incredibly delicious, but not something I would purchase on the regular.

Seattle Chocolates Spring Surprise

This bar is right up my flavour palate!  I also love the packaging.  The ingredients aren’t 100% to my preference, but this would be somewhere I would make an exception, as the dark chocolate, almonds, coconut and sea salt would be too much to resist!

Theo Limited Edition Spring Collection Lemon Milk Chocolate

Ahh!  Lemon chocolate!  This takes me back to when I traveled in Italy and visited the lemon groves of Sorrento!  There is lemon flavoured everything in Sorrento.  I hadn’t had lemon chocolate until that trip and fell in love with it instantly.  I purchased one bar just to try and went back to the same sales stand the next day to purchase a package of bars to take home with me.  I’m super excited to try this!  I hope it lives up to my high expectations.  As a bonus, the ingredients are perfect!

Chococurb May 2017 – Final Thoughts

This box really is perfection for me!  The value speaks for itself in my personal opinion and the chocolate selected looks delicious!  Four out of the five products provided are 100% win for me.  Being a chocolate snob can get pretty tough, as those corner stores or gas station chocolates just don’t cut it.  There are a couple of places in town that stock items I really like and can rely on, but when you’re on that road trip and have a chocolate craving I can never seem to find what I’m looking for.  Chococurb is the perfect solution to that!  That is, if you can save the chocolates for those road trips or moments of need… which I can’t, because I’m impatient and love chocolate!





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