Degustabox Review September 2018

Degustabox is a subscription food box, jam-packed with brand new, full-sized treats (worth nearly $40) from some of the most exciting brands out there! They bring you delicious new products delivered straight to your door every month. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Here’s a look at the items we received in the September box…..

The Better Chip

This very generous sized bag of blended fresh vegetables and herbed chips is ideal for some delicious appetizers during family or friend gatherings. Nothing is more yummy than dipping a tasty jalapeno and cilantro chip into a bowl of guacamole, hummus or even gooey cheese. I would be sure to serve this crunchy snack at many of my Baby/Mommy playdates in accompaniment with fresh meats, fruit and sliced cheeses. And those chips would vanish in minutes!

The Chia Company

The Chia Shots package is a really a convenient way to incorporate some of that extra protein into your meals throughout the day, or store in your pantry for future yummy treats. We love to put chia seeds into to our home-made rolled oats and even sprinkled into some fruit smoothies. Since my daughter is a very picky eater, I sometimes worry she doesn’t get enough protein in her diet. By using the Chia Shots in her snacks and meals on those “ify” days, I feel more at ease that she is getting the nutrients she need on a daily basis to grow and thrive.

Marion’s Kitchen

Sometimes meal planning can get a tad bit boring, but the Kung Pao Meal Kit is definitely a quick way to bring a spicy excitement back into family dinners again. This yummy natural stir-fry dish is just the kick you are looking for to liven up your taste buds again. Each Kung Pao Meal Kit comes with Kung Pao sauce, peanuts, dried chillies and baby corn. Just add chicken, beef or even seafood, along with some peppers, and an onion, and you’ll have a delicious gourmet meal in simply 15 minutes that everyone in your family will love.

Might Spark Food Company

This delicious chicken snack stick with chunks of cranberries and jalapenos flavors has nothing on typical beef jerky. Full of protein and only 60 calories, these Mighty Spark Snack Sticks are a perfect chewy treat to have in hand on long family car trips. At least when you have screaming kids in the backseat, you know this savory treat will keep you sane and grounded until the next rest stop. And the best part is this that for every 3 sticks purchased, a meal will be donated to a child in need.

Idahoan Foods

There is nothing like mashed potatoes to serve as the perfect comfort food in completing a yummy dinner dish. The Idahoan Classic Mashed Potatoes are a tried and true side dish made from real Idaho potatoes that everyone will enjoy with some warm melted butter, of course. The Four Cheese Mashed Potatoes are a delicious blend of cheddar, bleu, romano and parmesan cheese with 100% REAL Idaho Potatoes that will have your family coming back for seconds.


These organic chickpea puffs are a tasty snack full of flavor. I went to try one, and two minutes later, I had inhaled the entire bag. The two flavors I sampled we’re the White Cheddar and Happenin’ Hickory. My favorite was definitely Happenin’ Hickory. I just loved the garlic and smoky barbecue flavor. And the best part; it was totally healthy! Not only are the Hippeas vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO, but they are free of nuts and soy as well. For a sensitive stomach or a craving for a simple snack packed with protein to make you feel great, the Hippeas are the way to go! They will keep you satisfied, energized and going strong throughout the day. And that’s a MUST for this Mom.


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. This flavorful mustard has just enough spice and unique taste that can completely bring a dish together. The Tigertail Mustard is great topping on sausages, hotdogs, and hamburgers. It’s a condiment that is an essential for those family backyard barbecues.

PB Crave

Who doesn’t like a tasty sweet spread on top of a warm toasted piece of bread? The PB Crave is a delicious flavored peanut butter spread that will satisfy all sweet tooth cravings. It’s simply sweetened with honey and other natural ingredients that makes it absolutely sensational on waffles, English Muffins and is the perfect filling to a scrumptious crepe. PB Crave is a yummy snack that definitely have my daughter coming back for more.


Looking for a quick snack for the kiddos? Search no further than the SunRype apple strawberry fruit snack strip to go. Grab it, throw it in your bag, and you’re good to go. It’s just the sweet your little ones will be looking for when their tummies start to rumble. They remind me of the Fruit Roll-Ups I used to have as a kid and I couldn’t get enough of. Only difference is that these fruit snacks are actually good for you too! Yup, there will be no Mom guilt feeding your kids this yummy goodie. Made with 100% fruit and completely nut free, the SunRype fruit snacks are a treat that is totally delicious and healthy. This chewy snack is loaded with natural flavors and absolutely no preservatives. It actually tastes like you are eating a real strawberry. It doesn’t get more natural than that!


This decadent chocolate wafer was most definitely my favorite product in the Degustabox. This snack is made in the USA and has no preservatives. Completed with three delicious creamy layers and covered with a crispy wafer, this sweet treat is a perfect way to end the day. There is nothing like this chocolate wafer melting on your tongue as you sip away at your tea in the evening. It reminds you that life is good, even if it took you 2 hours to put your toddler to sleep.

GoCo Crunchy Coconut Bites

If your family are coconut-lovers like mine, they are going to love this snack. Made with real toasted coconut with chia seeds, this treat is perfect to chomp away at when you’re in need of a little pick me up. Not only will this snack restore your energy on the go, but will all that packed in protein, it will keep you satisfied. If your child is a sensory eater, like mine, they will love the crunchy texture of these bite-sized coconut pieces. My daughter goes crazy over coconut flavored anything. So with snack in hand, I know these crunchy coconut bites would be gone in minutes.

Handful Crrrunch Bites

Another afternoon delight to indulge in are these tasty roasted California almonds. Covered in a crispy rice cracker and topped with a mouth-watering barbecue flavor, this snack is sure to please sweet and savory cravings, especially for pregnant Mamas. These treats are not only gluten-free, vegan and is packed with protein, but it’s a completely kosher snack that has that added fiber too. The Handful Crrrunch Bites are a perfect way for moms to eat a nutritious snack when time is of the essence.

Marquis Citrus Yuzu

There are days when for a Mom, coffee just isn’t strong enough and it’s way too early to drink wine. So how do we get through the day? Find an energy drink and keep sipping. The Marquis is an awesome energy drink made with organic Yerba Mate, Green Tea, and Green Coffee that gives you the vigor you need to get through the day. With zero sugar, no calories, and even gluten-free, it comes in three tasty flavors of Citrus Yuzu, Super Berry and Mango Ginger that will make you want to try them all.

Garden of Life

Finding a protein bar that is equally healthy and tasty is hard to come by now a days. With the Gol Bar there is definitely no compromise. It’s a protein bar that is packed with delicious flavors and made from real Certified Organic Non-Gmo Project Verified whole food ingredients. The flavor of the sample Gol Bar in the Degustabox was Sea Salt Chocolate and was very sweet and satisfying. I never got to finish the bar because my todder stole the rest and ate it herself.

I was so excited to receive the Degustabox. Yes, please! Just the box alone got my stomach growling with all the super fun decorative food icons, and made me really curious to see what delicious goodies were packaged inside.

Until next time! Nina

Mammamina Munchkin –




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