Dollar Tea Club $1 Sample Package Review May 2017

Dollar Tea Club was founded in 2016 with one goal, ship premium tea to their members at an affordable price.  They skip the fancy tea boutique and send tea right to your door.  Getting great tea should always been this easy. They kindly sent us this box for review.

What is Dollar Tea Club?  Well, for less than $1/day, they send premium loose leaf tea right to your door.  Why join the club?

  • Get amazing tea every month (#never-be-without-tea)
  • Get 3 free samples with every order
  • No hidden costs. No membership fees. GuaranTEA’d
  • We only purchase ethically grown, direct trade tea
  • All of our prices include shipping, handling & applicable taxes

Today we are reviewing the $1 sample package!  This is a brand new option from Dollar Tea Club!  This package will be available in their shop later this month and will only cost $1 + shipping and handling ($2 Canadian and $3 for the US).  The $1 sample pack will include three tea samples and five filters.  Members are still able to change their order anytime, giving them the option to add or remove blends monthly.

What a great option!  I could get very addicted to $1 sample packs.  More boxes should be doing this.  How many of you haven’t purchased a box because you would maybe like to receive a sample size first?  Especially when it comes to tea.  There are so many tea blends out there, you kind of want to get a handle on what the company offers before committing to a subscription.

Earl Grey
Black Tea and Natural Flavouring

I feel like Earl Grey is the cornerstone of tea.  This is a really brilliant blend to put in your sample pack.  If the Earl Grey checks out, most likely all the other teas the company will provide will also be spot on.

Vanilla Caramel Swirl
Rooibos, caramel pieces, hazelnut brittle, vanilla pieces, natural flavouring, marigold flowers

This sounds so delicious!  Exactly my type of tea.  Rooibos is typically my go to tea and if I can get it with some tastey notes like caramel, chocolate, lavender or vanilla I’m a pretty happy person.

Ease n’ Fit
Apple, white tea, sea buckthorn berries, beetroot, orange, melissa, natural flavouring, strawberry slices, marigold petals

Wow, This sounds amazing!  Very spring-like and light.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a blend of tea with quite so many varied fruits.  Very much looking forward to sampling this.

Dollar Tea Club $1 Sample Package – Final Thoughts

This is such a great idea!  I feel like more subscription boxes might start doing this.  I remember feeling pretty impressed by Dollar Tea club’s subscription back in January when I first reviewed it; and for the record, their “What the Duck” tea is my top choice these days!  The sample sizes are actually quite large as well.  I would say you could easily get five cups out of them or two pots of tea.  They really don’t feel like samples at all, these are more the sizes you would receive in a standard subscription box.  The value is amazing and it gives you a spot on idea as to what to expect from Dollar Tea Club.





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