Elevita Artisan Box Review June 2017

Elevita’s subscription box offers three to four beautifully handcrafted items once a month. This is an amazing way to help underprivileged artisans in developing countries provide for their families, while receiving unique handmade gifts that can be can savored and shared.

June 2017

The word Elivita literally means, “lifting lives” and by subscribing to our monthly box, that is exactly what you are doing.  Each item in this June box has been carefully chosen to delight you while simultaneously supporting our artisans most in need.  The theme of this box is, “Colours of the World!”  

Three-Tiered Necklace in Blue Tones – Crafted by Louela Nalzaro

When Elevita found Louela, she had been wondering how she would possibly be able to support herself and her young children.  But with consistent orders from Elevita customers, Louela has found a steady income and a way to take pride in her work while becoming self-reliant.  

This item is beautifully crafted!  The colours are so vibrant and wonderfully coordinated.

A Decorative Trivet

This beautiful home accent is made by tribal artisans in India.  Making these items has given the artisans the opportunity to quadruple their monthly income!

This item would make a great hot mat for the dinning table!  It’s so pretty that you really could leave it placed as a permanent part of your decor!

Apron made by Mama Patakula of Tanzania

Her work is quality and unique, and any kitchen is brighter for having a piece of her handy-work.  She is part of a cooperative called ADEA, which stands for African Development through Economics and the Arts.  Orders from Elevita help Mam Patakula obtain the necessities of life and also bring her great happiness!

This item is so breathtaking!  The colours and quality of the needle work is really beautiful!  The apron itself is quite perfect and could stand up to any task, whether you are baking, painting, wood working or gardening.  This apron is ready for the task.

Elevita June 2017 – Final Thoughts

What a beautifully crafted subscription box!  This is our first time receiving Elevita and it was a true joy!  I really love being connected with other communities and cultures around the world and this box really makes the corners of the earth feel a little closer.  The items themselves are so colourful and delicately crafted that you can’t help but admire them.  I loved the photo cards provided with each item, it gives you a better idea of the person behind the art and again, makes you feel more connected with humanity and our likeness of needing to create a living to support the ones we love, while also needing to express our creativity.  I truly hope I get to review this box again.





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2 comments on “Elevita Artisan Box Review June 2017

  1. Erin says:

    Elevita ships to several countries (not just the US) including Canada!

    1. Thank you so much, when they sent us their information they only included the US in their shipping locations. We will be sure to update their info.

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