Frank And Oak Style Plan Review September 2018

Frank And Oak Style Plan is a new and easy service from Frank And Oak that sorts you out with great style on a regular basis (without the fuss), at a low cost. When you subscribe to Frank And Oak Style Plan, their Stylists pick out the latest seasonal pieces based on your personal preferences and send them straight to your door every month. You can try on the items from the comfort of your own home, and pay for only those you decide to keep. Save up to 20% on every order with free shipping and returns. You can skip a month or cancel anytime. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have to tell you…..I was beyond excited to receive this month’s Frank And Oak Style Plan box. As far as September boxes go, this is the one I was looking forward to the most. A few weeks ago I shared with you my Summer Frank And Oak Capsule Wardrobe. I took 10 items from the Frank And Oak Collection and used them to create an amazing capsule wardrobe. I am using it as a base wardrobe to build upon each month with my Frank And Oak Style Plan selections. So when I chose the 4 items for my September delivery I kept my capsule in mind and made sure I chose items that would complement the pieces already in my collection. Let’s have a closer look…..

How It Works
  1. Tell Us About Yourself: Answer a few questions (style, sizes) and we’ll fine tune our recommendations.
  2. Preview Your Monthly Box: Confirm, customize or skip your monthly order.
  3. Easy Home Try-On: Take 7 days to decide what you keep. Send back the rest for free.

Good to Know: No monthly fee. Skip a month anytime (it’s free!). Each monthly box is subject to a $25 styling fee if you return the entire box.

Here’s a peek at my September Frank And Oak Style Plan box….

The Joni Flare Jeans in Black

Kick your flare up a notch with these Joni Flare jeans. Inspired by the jeans your mom would have worn in her youth, perfected with a few form fitting tweaks. Out of the 70s haze, into the 21st century vape.

First up we have black flare jeans. Very on trend for Fall and it’s a style I have been dying to try. I was a little worried to order flare jeans online but I’m happy to report they fit perfectly. I ordered size 25 which is my regular size. They are a little snug in the waist but still wearable. And……the length is perfect. This is what I was worried about most but they really couldn’t fit me any better. They are long enough to wear a cute pair of booties but not so long that they will drag on the floor when my shoes are off. I HIGHLY recommend these jeans!

Donegal Cardigan in Light Beige Heather

This isn’t your grandfather’s cardigan. Nothing wrong with his cardigan, it suits you very well, but he called and wants it back, so we made this just for you.

I was thrilled to see this cardigan in my Style Plan selection for September. I really wanted to add a cozy layering piece to my collection for Fall and here it is. I would LOVE for Frank And Oak to add a few more cardigans to their line for Fall and Winter. Fingers crossed……

This piece will allow me to create so many more looks with my capsule. I can layer it over the 2 tops shown below and I will also be able to layer it over the 3 tank tops from my Summer Capsule. SO many outfit options.

Fluid V-Neck Tee in Washed Mixed Grey

Soft and swishy, this staple V neck tee is a not-so-basic essential with pure comfort potential.

As soon as I saw this tee in my September selection I fell in love. And…..I am happy to report that it is even better in person. Really and truly. This tee is super soft, it hangs nicely and it looks super cute with the sleeves rolled up. It’s a loose fit but that’s what I prefer. This is a must-have for any capsule wardrobe. I want it in black, white and any other color they release it in.

Ribbed Long Sleeve Tee in Nude

Ribbed, for your pleasure. Form fitting and woven with enough flexibility to follow your movements, while keeping it’s shape. Excellent.

Lastly, I decided to go with a fitted long-sleeve top in cream. I rarely purchase cream coloured clothes and I forgot how much I actually love this color. As soon as I paired it with some of the items in my current collection I was sold. It’s perfect for layering since it is fitted and I love the way cream looks with black and grey.

September Outfits
Outfits 1 – 3

First up, I used each top and paired it with the jeans separately.

Outfits 4-5

Here I added the cardigan to create a layered look with the cream top and the grey top. Super cute!!!

And here are a few outfits I created with pieces from my Summer Capsule…..

Outfits 6-7

Here I used my Debbie High-Waisted Skinny Jean in Light Indigo and the super cute black flats from my Summer Capsule Wardrobe. I am absolutely LOVING these 2 outfits. How cute are they!! Perfect for fall and I love how the shoes and the buttons on the cardigan complement each other.

Outfits 8 – 11

Here I used the denim jumper from my Summer Capsule to create 4 more outfits. Already I have created 11 outfits. Imagine how many more outfits I will be able to create once I incorporate the Denim Jacket, Black Blazer, olive skirt and 3 tank tops from my Capsule collection. The outfit combinations will be endless.

Frank And Oak Style Plan Review September 2018 – Final Thoughts

Oh my goodness. I am such a happy girl right now!!! My September Frank And Oak Style Plan selections ended up being even better than I imagined. Sometimes it’s hard to put outfits together in your head, it’s so much easier once you have the items in front of you, but I managed to pick our 4 pieces that will complement my Summer Capsule perfectly. I have a whole new appreciation for my Frank And Oak Style Plan subscription and I have been LOVING the new styles they have been releasing. The only thing I hope to see in the future would be a long cardigan, but other than that I am able to do all my shopping in one place. It’s convenient, the clothes are quality and it has saved me so much money. Stay tuned because next month we will be creating a Fall Capsule. We will be using 10 pieces from their Fall Collection and showing you how to create enough outfits to get you through a month……maybe two.



Frank And Oak Style Plan

Style Plan is a new and easy service from Frank And Oak that sorts men & women out with great style on a regular basis, at a low cost.

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