Gen YZ Box Review (Z Box) November 2017

Gen YZ Box is a new subscription box for everyone else. Because being cool different is awesome! It’s a monthly box of awesomeness filled with cool, unique finds for amazing girls and young women.  The value in each box is guaranteed to be at least $90! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Last month we were lucky enough to have an exclusive first look at Gen YZ, and today we are back with our second review. I was extremely impressed with my first box. It was overflowing with unique finds. I am still obsessing over the light box we received in the October box. It is sitting on my desk as we speak.

Any who……we are now on to their second box and it appears to be pretty darn amazing. It is bursting at the seams so we’ve got to dig in ASAP……

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Gen YZ Box subscription you have two options to choose from:

  1. Gen Y Box is recommended for ages 16+.  There are special items we include specifically for this box that will be curated for this age group.
  2. Gen Z Box we recommend for ages 15 and under.  This box also includes different items that are curated specifically for the Gen Zers.

What You Get: Each month your box will be loaded with items from decor items for your room to rad accessories.  Each box is jam packed with whimsical items that are unique, fun and expressive that you haven’t seen before.  The best part is that each month it will be a surprise! At Gen Y/Z we want you to have a blast opening up your box each month and discovering the products inside.  Every month will feature a minimum of 7-10 fabulous items that we absolutely love from brands we admire with a few bonus surprise items added in.

Today we are reviewing the Gen Z Box (for ages 15 & under). Here’s a closer look…….

Streamline Woodland Twilights Squirrel Light ($14)

This oh-so adorable porcelain LED light glows warmly to make your room a comfortable and warm environment.

Ummm……cutest light ever!! Since it is white it will go with any decor scheme, and if I wasn’t tempted to keep it for myself it would make an amazing gift for one of my nieces. But, lets be honest, I will probably keep it for myself.

Sequin Mermaid Pillow Covers ($20)

This magical pair of pillow covers change color with just the swipe of your hand! Not only are the cute but they are addicting to play with.

I almost peed my pants when I saw these tucked in the Box. Ashley’s daughter has one of these pillow covers and every time I go over for a visit I am tempted to steal it. These things are addicting!!! I even had the BF playing with them yesterday. He was so intrigued.

Dreamcatcher ($10)

Hang this beautiful dream catch above your bed. It is said that bad dreams are caught inside the web while good dreams pass through and drift down the feathers onto whomever is sleeping below.

This is a gorgeous dreamcatcher and such a great idea for a tween/kid box.

Crossbody Bag ($25)

It’s pawsitively adorable cross body bag! A loveable leather-look Borton Terrier handbag for the dog loving dame, featuring a removable cross body strap, two interior compartments and outer sleeve on the back.

This bag is AH-MAZING!!! I already told my niece Mackenzie about it because it has her name written all over it. She hasn’t seen it in person but she is going to pee her pants when she does……yes, she takes after her auntie.

Bluetooth Speaker ($15)

This bluetooth speaker has LED lights to enhance the crackled design. Connect to your device and fill the room with sound! It also has a slot for micro S card to play MP3 formatted music without connecting to bluetooth.

This is super fun. I wasn’t expecting to see an item like this in the box, but I am so glad they included it. This little speaker will come in handy.

American Tradition Cookie Cutter ($1.75)

Handmade with tin cut steel, this flamingo cookie cutter is just too cute! Bake your own flock to enjoy.

At first I wasn’t too sure which way this little guy went, but luckily Gen YZ posted a photo of this cutter in action on their IG page. You must check it out. The finished product is SO stinking’ cute!

Golden Lead Headband ($8.99)

A lovely and simple brass leaf design sitting on a black elastic headband. This piece is light weight and perfect for a special occasion, festival or everyday wear.

I absolutely LOVE the look of headbands. I don’t wear them very often, but they are a great way to spice up your look. This one is super cute.

Blue Q Change Purse ($3.99)

These small bags feature fun artwork and are just plain useful. The bags are sustainably made by taking old grain sacks and plastic water bottles, grinding them up, heating them into a type of thread, which is then woven to create a super strong 95% recycled material.

I love how these little bags are made. Anything recycled makes me happy.

Cat Tail Necklace ($9.99)

Our enamel kitty necklace is the definition of cute from the tips of its ears to it’s dangling tail.

Oh my goodness, this is so stinkin’ cute!!! I love that the tail moves.

Screw Earrings ($4.99)

Fool everyone with the look of stretchers but without the commitment. The earrings appear as though they’re screwed right through your ears on a standard size stainless steel earring post.

These are super unique. I am always intrigued by items like this. It’s one of the characteristics that sets Gen YZ Box apart – fun & unique products.

All the items shown above weren’t listed on the product card so I am assuming they are bonus items. I am obsessing over the cactus bag…..and the pencil case.

Gen YZ Box Review (Z Box) November 2017 – Final Thoughts

Can you believe this box!!! The November Gen YZ Box was SO much fun to go through. I am amazed by the number of items included. Each item is super fun and very unique. I would never be able to find these kind of products on my won. The adorable little crossbody bag was a nice surprise. My nieces are going to freak out over that. For a brand new subscription, I am very impressed. Get YZ Box started things off with a bang last month and continued the momentum with the November box. I can tell you right now, all three of my nieces would be ecstatic if I were to gift them a subscription to this box, and I say that with 100% certainty. I’m already excited to see what they come up with next.





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