Gentleman’s Box Review October 2017

Gentleman’s Box is a subscription box that caters to the modern gentleman. Each month honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present. Items in their subscription box for men are hand selected to reflect the carefully crafted image of that month’s honored gentleman. Four to five products, including a subscription to GQ magazine, arrive at your doorstep monthly. They kindly sent us this box to review. 

Gentleman’s Box is definitely one of the most popular men’s subscription boxes on the market. I have been following them from the beginning and can say, without a doubt, that they always put together a great box. I have never been disappointed and am always more than happy with the items we receive.

Subscription Details

Gentleman’s Box has recently made some changes to their subscription offering. They now have 3 subscriptions to choose from:

  1. Monthly Subscription – $25 per month
  2. Sock of the Month – $12 per month
  3. Tie of the Month – $15 per month
October Theme

The October Box is honouring “Our Favourite King of Horror”.

Yessss! I love this box already!! I love horror movies. When I was young I would have horror movie marathons every weekend with my cousin. We would load up on snacks and spends hours and hours watching all our favourites. I’m pretty sure the October box is going to be my favourite of all time………

Here’s a look at the items we received in the October Box…..

Keep It Simple Socks ($12)

Keep It Simple Socks are based out of Columbus Ohio. Born out of experiencing the confidence of a strong sock game, K.I.S.S. wants everyone to experience that as well. Their mission? To create unique socks that inspire boldness and confidence no matter what your day may bring. Their spectrum of designs consists of levels of increasing complexity, craziness, and boldness, with each design created locally.

Not necessarily the best sock pattern we have received from Gentleman’s Box but they fit the theme, I love the color combo and I love the brand.

Lord of Ties Tie ($30)

Lord of Ties is a company that caters to the everyday classy gentleman who is a fearless leader and who enjoys both color and fashion design. Lord of Ties will work with you to create a custom order because they believe, “Your wardrobe is your armour!”

This month we feature a tie constructed of 100% cotton with a black and grey plaid design. This tie pairs well with the fall season and compliments the accompanying items in this month’s box.

Love, love, love this tie! The color combo works perfectly with the other items in the box and I love the pattern. The material is quite thick which gives it a sturdy feel.

DIBI Suspenders ($60)

DIBI is an established men’s accessories company at the forefront of the fashion curve. They promote individuality among customers and encourage them to express themselves while wearing the DIBI brand. That’s why this month we worked with the folks behind DIBI to create an exclusive set of suspenders. Our goal is to promote the DIBI message of encouraging men to express themselves and step out of their comfort zone.

It has been a while since I last saw suspenders in a subscription box. These are awesome. I like the unexpected and I feel like suspenders still give off a look of originality seeing as men don’t wear them very often. I personally think they look great.

Dibi Shoe Laces ($10)

DIBI is a lifestyle-driven company that holds itself to the highest standards of creativity, quality and customer service. They offer an array of fresh, contemporary neckwear and accessories with an extensive selection of unique fabrics and style. DIBI makes yet another appearance with a set of black polka-dot dress laces. Constructed from 100% polyester and fit to lace 5-6 eyelets with metal aglets, this pair of laces will add a pop to a straightforward and classy wardrobe.

A small item but a great item nonetheless. The BF goes through laces like nobody’s business. I definitely need to keep a few sets on hand at all times.

Gentleman’s Box Review October 2017 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Gentleman’s Box theme is by far my favourite. I love that they are honouring their Favourite King of Horror. It’s the perfect theme for October. I also love the small details like the splattered blood pattern on the paper wrapping. It’s little details like that I find myself appreciating the most. Anyone can throw a tie and socks together in a box, but not everyone can pull it all together with great packaging, an amazing theme, and quality brands. Gentleman’s Box gets a big ol’ pat on the back from this girl for their attention to detail and professionalism. Oh…..and the balloon!? That was genius!





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