HangSquad Review April 2017

HangSquad is a monthly subscription box for earrings. Subscribers receive 2 pairs of earrings each month personalized to their style based on their Style Profile. They can choose from our 5 styles: Trendsetter, Funky&Fun, Simple&Sleek, Classic Beauty, and Itty Bitty.  You can also choose to add onto your subscription if you see a pair of earrings in their collection you simply must have!  This will be our first time reviewing HangSquad. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Our earrings this month are from the “Total Trendsetter” and “Funky & Fun” collections.

The Funky & Fun earrings are a little out of my comfort zone.  Mainly because they are a little on the heavy side.  I usually wear earrings that are light or small.  I like to forget I’m wearing earrings, but still look fancy.  I do love the beading on these and they remind me of Kenya and the beading I did when I was there.  They do have a nostalgia for me, but they aren’t 100% my style.

Update: Sarah loves these earrings. She said she doesn’t usually wear statement earrings, but if/when she does, this would be her style preference! She thinks they are absolutely gorgeous!

The Total Trendsetter is totally my style!  Ahh!  I love these!  Immediately after I took the photo I took them off the card and put them on.  They didn’t come off for the rest of the day and I wore them out to dinner with friends that evening.  I can seem myself wearing these every day, to work, to dinner, walking the dog!  It doesn’t really mater.  I love them.

HangSquad April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am definitely an earring person and love the idea of receiving two new pairs every month.  You can fill out the style guide on their site to make sure the earrings you receive fit your style.  I don’t believe we have done this yet, so HangSquad kindly picked the earrings for us this month.  I can’t wait to fill this out so that next month both earrings are daily choices for me.





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