HangSquad Review June 2017

HangSquad is a monthly subscription box for earrings. Subscribers receive 2 pairs of earrings each month personalized to their style based on their Style Profile. They can choose from 5 styles: Trendsetter, Funky&Fun, Simple&Sleek, Classic Beauty, and Itty Bitty.  You can also choose to add onto your subscription if you see a pair of earrings in their collection you simply must have! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Our earrings this month have come from the Total Trendsetter collection

These are electrifying haha!  I use to have a pair just like these, except they were about 10 times as big and I never wore them because they were just too darn heavy.  These are the perfect replacement!  Only about an inch big they won’t pull on my ears like the last ones.  Love!

Light earrings are the way to go, especially for the summer months.  These tassels are right on the bohemian trend right now!  The colour is super cute as well.  Peach can go with just about anything.

HangSquad June 2017 – Final Thoughts

I can go through seasons where all I wear is earrings and it’s so nice to have a variety to choose from.  I’m still wearing the earrings I got in my last Hang Squad subscription box and I can see these ones sticking around as a favourite as well!  I love that they have style options for all members, so you’re never getting stuck with something you don’t like.  I think my favourites out of this subscription so far are the Total Trendsetter and the Simple and Sleek!





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One comment on “HangSquad Review June 2017

  1. Ashley Marie says:

    Great review. Trying to save for travelling right now but I must admire earrings are my weakness…well, one of them!
    One to keep in mind for the future perhaps

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