In Your Case Review September 2017

In Your Case is a monthly subscription stationary box geared towards children; however, they also have a teen and adult option!  In Your Case is passionate about breaking kids away from their screens and back into the world of creating and learning.  How do they do this?  By providing fun, imaginative and creative items each month to inspire kids to explore and create!

I LOVE stationary boxes.  I don’t care if they are adult or kids or anything!  There is nothing like good stationary.  Am I the only adult that misses back to school shopping?  It was such a great excuse to buy stationary supplies.

I am already loving the look of this subscription.  So much colour, so many items!

Ah!  Two of my favourite things, colouring and puzzles.  I’m glad to see an item that balances learning and creativity so well.

Wow!  So fun.  There may not be a lot of ‘learning’ to this colouring bag, but there has to be such a good balance between nonsense and knowledge.  My niece will absolutely love this item and I can’t wait to give it to her.

These subject stickers are such a fun way to jazz up that boring note book.  There are quite a few stickers too, so don’t worry if you make a mistake.

This note book’s pages are all black, but don’t worry, there is a neon pen to write in it!  I would have spent hours with items like this as a kid!  And get a load of that donut pen…. I mean come on… It’s a donut!  So much fun.

Even more donuts!  Washi tape is getting cooler all the time.  … Ok, now I’m craving donuts!

Wow!  Macaroon erasers.  I remember as a kid, fun shaped erasers were so coveted and we didn’t have anything nearly as cool as macaroon shaped ones!  My niece is going to go nuts for these.

So good!  I love that In Your Case has provided a case to carry all your newly acquired items.  They’ve really thought of everything here!

In Your Case September 2017 – Final Thoughts

Such a fun subscription!  I feel like a real kid again… a kid that wants to go back to school!  There wasn’t a single item in this box I didn’t like!  I think any kid would be over the moon to receive this subscription.  I know my niece is going to loose her mind when she sees some of these items and I plan on gifting the whole box to her.  She’s just going to love it.  I really appreciated the balance in the items; some real practical stuff and some nonsense.  Just how it should be.  I hope to see a couple more months of In Your Case, as I’d love to get a rounded feel for the subscription.





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