KissMe Lipstick Club by LiveGlam Review January 2018

KissMe Lipstick Club is the first ever liquid lipstick club by LiveGlam where members receive 3 lippies each month for the price of one. KissMe lippies are affordable without compromising quality: vegan, cruelty-free and super long lasting for the perfect pout! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Happy New Year, Glammers!

This is your year to shine, and your new lippies will help you do just that!  Now’s the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and try some new shades.  Luckily, you have 12 new months of lippies coming your way, and 365 days to slay!

These transfer proof lippies are perfect for that New Year’s Kiss at midnight.  So throw on your pretty new dress and a lippie to match!  

This subscription has officially turned me into a lipstick person!  I carry around at least four shades of lippies with me at all times.  I have loved all the colours I have received so far and can’t wait to take a peek at the first KissMe Lipstick Club for 2018!


Before the ball drops, make sure to write down all of your Goals for the New Year!  One of them will definitely include rocking this striking matte red shade all throughout 2018.

Wow!  Is that ever a red!  I sported a fire red for a while there and loved the look.  What I didn’t like about that lipstick is how tacky to the touch it was and how easily it came off.  Now that I know Live Glam well I know this lippie is up to all of the tests I’ll throw at it!  When they say non-transferable they mean it!


Grab your sequin party dress and pair it with this gorgeous, metallic peachy rose gold shade to stand out as much as the Time Square Ball!

This lippie is crazy!  I tried it on and boy is it ever sequins!  This one is outside of my comfort zone for sure.  My husband says he likes it and thinks I can totally pull it off, but I’m still doubting.  Not sure I’ve got the confidence for this one.


As the clock strikes Midnight, grab a cutie and give them a smooch wearing this matte grey lippie for a magical New Year’s Kiss.  Don’t worry, it’s kiss-proof!

This is a striking colour and a really beautiful shade, but it’s just not right for my skin tone.  I have a fair complexion and I think this is just too much of a contrast for me.  I do, however, have a friend who is so obsessed with lipstick that she counted seven in her purse at a restaurant once!  This will have a very good home.

Kiss Me Lipstick Club by Live Glam January 2018 – Final Thoughts

If you’ve read my KissMe Lipstick Club reviews for December and November you will know I’m a die-hard fan of this club!  Nothing but rave reviews!  I would have to say that January’s colours are a bit stretching for me, as I prefer the traditional pinks, reds, nudes, and browns for lipstick.  I don’t have a bright red lippie yet, so I’ll have to keep that and tuck it away for special occasions!  The Sequins lippie is a little to crazy for me, but I’m tempted to tuck it away as well as something tells me I’ll have just the right occasion for it in the near future!  Over all, I am still a huge fan of this box and would keep my subscription through an off month colour wise, as they’ve proven themselves a worthy addition to my make up bag!





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