KissMe Lipstick Club Review May 2017

KissMe is the first ever liquid lipstick club by LiveGlam where members receive 3 lippies each month for the price of one. KissMe lippies are affordable without compromising quality: vegan, cruelty-free and super long lasting for the perfect pout! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Product Details

I went over subscription details in last month’s review (HERE) so I figured I would go over product details this month. Here’s what I was able to find out about KissMe Lipsticks:

  • cruelty-free, vegan and the formula is made in the US
  • long-lasting, fast-drying and formulated with a yummy scent
  • each lippie comes in custom rose gold casing

Good to Know: The formula is paraben-free, gluten-free, non-comedogenic and pthalates-free, and they use a globally-compliant formula!

May Theme

The Pop, Fizz, Clink collection has gorgeous matte and metallic colors for you! Try a little shimmer, or even find your perfect red with May KissMe.

Here’s a closer look at the colors we received for May:


Look no further for your perfect red! Throw on your dancing heels and slip into Cosmo. This bright, true red lipstick is an accessory you can wear all night!

Champagne Kisses

Add a little sparkle to your toast. This peachy-nude lippie has the kind of sparkle you need to charm a room!

Hottie Tottie

Turn up the heat and the good times! Don’t expect this sexy caramel brown shade to cool anything off this summer.

KissMe Lipstick Club Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

Even though I prefer April’s shades to the shades we received this month, I still think they are gorgeous. I was surprised to discover that they look way better on than they do in the tube. I had a peek on their Facebook page and saw them applied to some of their models, and wow, are they ever gorgeous. My favourite color this month would definitely be Hottie Tottie. It looks a little intimidating at first, but it’s actually very similar to a shade I use to wear all the time when I was younger. I forgot how flattering it can be, especially with my fair skin and brown hair. KissMe Lipstick Club is a really great way to test out new lipstick shades every month. I’m wearing Hottie Tottie as we speak. It went one well, it’s very pigmented, I only needed to apply it once, it dried quickly, and felt soft on my lips. This is the perfect subscription for any lipstick lover!


KissMe Lipstick Club

This monthly liquid lipstick club will keep you covered in our very own kiss-proof formula. You will get 3 new lipstick shades every month for less than the price of […]

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