Know Yourself Adventure Series #3 Review November 2016

Know Yourself Adventure Series #3 Review November 2016

Not too long ago I got to review Know Yourself Adventure Series #2. It was one of my favourites because it was all about the skeletal system. For some reason I find that very interesting, and I LOVED the learning tools they included in the kit. Today we are looking at Series #3………

Know Yourself Details

If you aren’t familiar with The Know Yourself Adventure Series it brings to life a lively and educational experience that helps children learn about their body from the inside out. Delivered monthly, each adventure in the series includes an original comic book, science experiments, historical lessons and healthy recipes all designed around engaging core content to give children the information they need to learn about vital systems of the body, while also bringing hours of fun and productive entertainment to their families.

The Box: Know Yourself Adventure Series

Cost: $29.99 per month

What You Get: Monthly bundles include an original comic book, an adventure guide, science experiments, a history lesson, and themed recipes that give your child the information they need to understand the many systems of the body. . .while also bringing hours of productive entertainment to your family.

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: FREE to US

Adventure series #3 Details

Adventurers join the Loops Crew, then Pinky and Sketch as they travel to 16th century China. Through the comic, participants are introduced to the circulatory system alongside the Shaolin monks and the famous warrior monk, Tianyuan Yan.

know-yourself-adventure-series-3-review-november-2016-8 know-yourself-adventure-series-3-review-november-2016-9
Time Skaters Comic, Issue 3: “The Zen is Mightier than the Sword” (40 pages)

The addition of a comic book is a great way to get children excited. The back of the comic includes activities to help them learn about the circulatory system – we learn about blood cells, veins, arteries, how the heart works, different blood types….etc. I actually find it very interesting, and kind of fun.

know-yourself-adventure-series-3-review-november-2016-10 know-yourself-adventure-series-3-review-november-2016-11
Adventure Guide Booklet (24 pages)

Every series includes a booklet. It includes recipes, activities, learning experiences, and history lessons.

Sticker Sheet & Stopwatch

The red straw represents the aorta and is used in one of the activities. The stopwatch is also used in one of the activities, and the stickers are fun little extras to use throughout your activity guide.

know-yourself-adventure-series-3-review-november-2016-6 know-yourself-adventure-series-3-review-november-2016-7

I think this can be used with your spirograph, or for some of the activities found in the guide.

Spirograph & Colored Markers

The spirograph is such a fun idea. I almost want to keep it for myself (but I won’t). I use to have one like this when I was young.

Know Yourself Adventure Series #3 Review November 2016 – Final Thoughts

The Know Yourself Adventure Series is a really great idea for a children’s subscription box. It’s not only a fun gift for them to receive in the mail, but it provides learning opportunities, fun experiences, and hours of entertainment. I’ve said it before, but I find this subscription to be a nice change from some of the other kid’s subscription boxes on the market that simply include “stuff”. The Adventure Series provides an experience, and that is so much more valuable.





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