Love With Food Review March 2017

Love With Food is a snack subscription box. Every month you’ll receive 8+ unique gourmet food samples shipped to your door. You’ll also have members-only access to purchase the full-size version of featured products at a special discount. Lucky you! You’ll will also earn points for each box you receive. Use your points to redeem for full-size products and get them at deep-discounts or for FREE! They kindly sent us this box for review.

HA-HA!!  I won this month again with Love with Food!  I mentioned in the February review that Sarah and I would be fighting it out to review this box in the future, as it’s a favourite for AYOB!  Luckily Sarah gave this box to me in a public setting and she didn’t want to be embarrassed losing to me in front of so many people, so she declared me the winner before the gloves were thrown down (hockey reference for those non-Canadians out there).

I am a little worried to be reviewing this box again though, because summer is coming and I consumed all the items within the February box in record time.  Here’s hoping this months selections are absolutely terrible so I don’t feel the need to eat them. ….. Probably wont happen.

March Theme – Happy Go Lucky

2017 is already off to a delicious start, but we’re sure March is going to be a very lucky month for all of our super snackers.  We want to encourage all of you to worry a little less, smile a little more and just see where this lucky month takes you!  The Happy Go Lucky box has all the snacks you’ll need along the way, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Geeze… Look at all that… Yea, this won’t last.  Set your timers because Shonah is going to be a super snacker two months running!  Is “Popcorn” the first thing that stood out to you too?… my people…

Love With Food must know us really well, because they knew that just one packet of popcorn wouldn’t be enough… I would complain about how small the packages are because I eat popcorn by the barrel, but how else can you fit popcorn in your purse and snack on it during classes, walking the dog, driving, golfing, yoga class, or going to the movies?  Let’s be honest, the only reason girls carry such big purses is to hide their snacks inside.  Don’t you judge us.

I think if Sarah new there were vegan snacks in this box she wouldn’t have given it to me!  Good thing I was there at the post office when it arrived and she didn’t have a chance to check the contents first.  I love chickpea snacks!  I often roast my own chickpeas at home, but why bother when they come in a bright packet that I can put in my purse?!  There are also a few espresso candies in this box.  I feel like I’ve been getting coffee in almost every box I’ve reviewed lately.  I’m ok with that.

YES!  Potato chips.  Remember?  This is why I can’t buy snacks in the grocery store, because I will eat them all… At least when it comes to this size I can feel a little less guilty about it.  Dill pickle also happens to be my favourite flavour.

This is hilarious.  It’s products like these that make me imagine the board meeting where this idea was brought up.  I can just picture some guy in a suit with waffles on the table say, “But imagine them smaller and dried out!”  That guy must have been so nervous pitching that idea, either that or so excited they just couldn’t say no to him.  Probably the latter, because here they are, in my Love With Food box!  Cheers to you risk-taking business man, I love the look of your product!

If the whole box only had these Enstrom Almond Toffees in it I would have been ok with that.  I feel like I want to hold on to the cookies until I see my niece again.  Something tells me she would get a real kick out of them.

Oh good!  Something healthy!  And again, something vegan Sarah would have loved.  After this there is no way she is going to let me review this box again.

Not all snacking has to be ‘snacking’.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a couple candies sitting in the purse.  Did anyone have that grandparent that always seemed to have candy in their purse?!  That could now be you!  My grandpa always  had a roll of Life Savers in his jacket pocket.  I will always think of him when I see Life Savers.

I don’t know why but I always feel impressed when a drink is provided in a box.  Even if it is just a packet hot chocolate, I feel impressed by it.  I’ll probably tuck these away for the next camping trip.  The granola bar would also be a good camping snack!  Camping season is coming up people.  Start preparing now.

Love with Food March 2017 – Final Thoughts

Standing ovation Love With Food!  I loved everything that was provided.  All the items provided in this box are perfect for lunches, car trips, tucking in the purse for the movies (don’t do that theatres don’t like it), binge watching, or munching on during the bath.  Yes, I definitely used some of last months snacks for bath time munchies, highly recommend.  Month after month Love With Food seems to hit it out of the park.  If you’re looking for a snack box that maintains it’s quality every month, this is it.  I’m so happy Sarah let me review this box again, as I’m going to the movies tonight and plan on bringing the big purse if ya know what I mean!





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