Luxor Box Review May 2017

Luxor Box is described as “Luxurious Discoveries”. Every-other-month they curate a selection of 5-9 full-size, hand-picked, products with a value of $275+ per delivery. They like to feature unique and up-and-coming brands. Their surprise selections will range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. They kindly sent us this box for review. 

Luxor Box is easily one of my favourite subscription boxes to review. I haven’t been in love with every box I have received, but they are batting a pretty good average. The March box was great, as was the December Special Edition Box. One thing is for sure, you will always get way more than you pay for when it comes to this subscription. Luxor Box consistently provides amazing value and high quality products.

Here’s a look at the items we received in the May Box:

VBCC Americana Candle with Jules Smith Betty Studs ($48)

Made in collaboration with Jules Smith Designs, Americana is a clean, floral scent inspired by the spirit of wanderlust and the American dream. Fresh notes of jasmine and orchid are complemented by musky denim. Plus, each candle melts down to reveal a pair of stud earrings from the Jules Smith collection.

This is such a fun idea. I’ve seen prize candles before but have never actually received one myself. I am very familiar with the Jules Smith brand and have no doubt that the earrings hidden inside will be nothing less than gorgeous. Apparently they are 14k gold-plated encrusted with light-catching crystals.

Rose et Marius Hand Cream ($18)

Rose et Marius, who offered Provence its very first luxury brand for body. Our fragrances are distilled exclusively by our perfumes created by our Master perfume maker in Grasse to share inimitable moments of life in Provence.

This particular scent has notes of orange blossom, olive oil, and biscuits. We have received a few products from this brand in the past and I always find their scents to be rich and luxurious.

Circ Skincare Daily Hydration ($50)

Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 43 provides daily nourishment, hydration, and protection from skin-damaging UV rays. Enriched with antioxidants, this lightweight daily moisturizer provides lasting hydration and protects against skin-damaging UV rays for brighter, more youthful-looking skin. Hyaluronic acid provides rich hydration while powerful antioxidants fight damage. For all skin types.

I did a little research on this product, as I do with all my skincare products as of late, and found out that customers love it. Apparently it is wonderful for dry skin, and the fact that it has SPF 43 is just a bonus!

Mariposa Blue Peony Trinket Dish ($44)

This lovely Peony Trinket Dish with blue enamel is sure to delight lovers of Spring blooms everywhere. Part of the Gregarious Garden collection, celebrating the journey from seeds, to flowers, to bouquets.

I think this dish is just so darn pretty. Maybe not something I would have picked out for myself, but gorgeous nonetheless. The peony design is absolutely perfect, and the blue is stunning.

Ripauste 3-Piece Set ($135)

Here we have a gorgeous 3-peice set that includes a clutch, small wallet and belt. Subscribers could have received camel or black. Each piece is made from Italian Leather and could easily be considered closet staples. I love the simplicity and compact size of the clutch, it’s the perfect purse for running errands and traveling. Not too big, but just big enough for the essentials – sunglasses, phone, wallet, etc.  The small wallet will be perfect for credit cards, and the belt is a no-brainer. I’ve been meaning to add a simple belt like this to my wardrobe for months.

Luxor Box Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Luxor Box has a value of $295 which is wonderful. I’m thrilled to see such a gorgeous purse in the box this month, my favourite Luxor Boxes always end up being the ones that include some sort of fashion accessory. In addition to that we have a skincare item, bath & body item, home decor item, jewelry and a candle. That’s a pretty great mixture of products if you ask me. I can’t think of anything else I would have liked to see in the box except maybe some sort of makeup item. Luxor Box definitely has a certain style to it. Their items are classic and elegant. It might not appeal to every subscriber’s style preferences but I happen to really love it. The items we receive are timeless, so even if they aren’t something I would use right away, I will definitely get use out of them at some point. The May Luxor Box is beautiful and was a pleasure to unbox……as always.





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