Mapleblume Review February 2018

Mapleblume is a premium subscription box of luxury cosmetic and skincare products containing only the highest quality ingredients that are beautifying and nourishing. The Mapleblume subscription box contains 5 full size or deluxe sample size skincare and cosmetic products. A new box is delivered to your door every 2 months filled with different products every time. They kindly sent us this box to review.

There’s just something so special about a luxury subscription box. It really feels like a gift and it’s a great way to spoil yourself. Mapleblume has put together one of the best luxury subscription boxes on the market….. in my opinion, and it’s a box I truly look forward to receiving.

Here’s a look at the items we received in the February box…..

Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream from Pai – $66.00

Ultra clean formula minimizes the risk of irritation. Helps calm the appearance of reactive redness. Rich in Matricine & Chamazulene – nature’s powerful skin soothing agents. Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 help repair and regenerate damaged skin.

Rosehip is one of my all-time favorite ingredients when it comes to skincare. I still remember the first time I used it on my face. The results were amazing. Pai is a new brand for me and I look forward to testing it out. The value of this first product is pretty amazing, and I love the fact that we received a full-size bottle to test out. Just another reason I love my Mapleblume boxes…….I will take full-size products over sample products any day.

Lavido Age Away Night Cream with Pomegranate Seed, St. John’s Wort, Bergamot and Hyaluronic Acid – $61.00

Defy the aging process with this plant-based facial night cream featuring Hyaluronic Acid. Renews the skin with deep night hydration. Formulated with cold-pressed Lime Seed Oil, and organic, cold-pressed Pomegranate Seed and Evening Primrose Oils. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I love that we received a day cream and a night cream in the same box. I love products that go together, especially products that create a skincare routine. This is another brand I have never tried but I’m really loving the ingredient list.

Antonym Cosmetics Certified Organic Blush Powder in Rose – $45.00

Antonym Baked Blush imparts a natural radiance to cheeks for an instant, youthful glow. A unique formula offers an irresistible, fresh flush that everyone loves.

An innovative baking process transforms the blush crème into a finely textured powder. The crème is baked in terracotta pans in a process that naturally binds it into its domed shape. Swirls of color are added to each individual blush before baking, giving every blush its own unique color imprint.

The baked powder, which retains some of its thick crème properties, feels weightless, ultra smooth and silky when applied to the skin. The combination of transparency and color finish result in colors that are flattering to all skin types.

How gorgeous is this blush!! The packaging is absolutely stunning. I am in desperate need of a new blush so this arrived at the perfect time. Normally I go for something with a little more color but this is so beautiful that I am definitely willing to give it a try.

Antonym Cosmetics Blush Brush #2 – $30

Antonym Cosmetics Brushes are professional quality makeup brushes made with eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials. Each brush is made from top quality Taklon Bristles, providing softness and pickup comparable to the finest natural bristles. The handles are made of sustainable bamboo, designed with a flat bottom and sized for optimal balance. The ferules are black aluminum.

A new brush to go with our new blush. Mapleblume gets huge bonus points for curation this month. Makeup tools definitely add value to subscription boxes and I appreciate receiving them. And, if I am going to receive a gorgeous new blush I definitely want a gorgeous new brush to go with it.

Boosh Lipstick in the shade Bobbie – $26.00

Boosh lipstick glides on smoothly for clean & protective SPF coverage. They are filled with hydrating oils and butters to preserve and enhance your lips natural surface. Organic sweet orange oil gives a light and cheerful scent.

Bobbie is a lighter version of Stella, a medium pink with warm undertones. She has a cream finish, straddling the line between glossy and matte. Because of her highly pigmented mineral formulation, Bobbie will naturally tint the lips for a longer lasting look.

All of our products are free from lead and heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, artificial colourants, and synthetic fragrances.

I really, really want to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to my makeup routine and lip color is one of the items on the to-do or to-wear list. I absolutely love the look of simple eye makeup and a standout lip color. Maybe this gorgeous little tube of lipstick is my sign from the universe to get my butt in gear.

Mapleblume Review February 2018 – Final Thoughts

The February Mapleblume box has a total value of $228. This is exactly what I mean when I say “luxury subscription box”. We receive amazing products and unbeatable value. Mapleblume really creates a beautiful experience. I appreciate every detail. From the gorgeous cream-coloured box, to the product card, not to mention the amazing brands they collaborate with. I have discovered some absolutely wonderful beauty products thanks to this box. It’s definitely at the top of my list when it comes to beauty boxes.





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